2017 Formula 1 Malaysia Grand Prix

Happy New Year of 2018 !!!
2017 was awesome though there were some ups and downs. I did not blog so much last year due to our house was robbed and I lost my blogging camera.  But I had a lot of awesome memories last year and I'm excited for the new year cause I believe it will be better.
Anyway, it's a late post but it's better late than never, right? My husband is a big fan of F1 and 2017 was going to be the last year for the race to be held in Malaysia (which was so sad). We were so busy that we forgot to buy the tickets but we were so lucky to have a friend who had extra complimentary tickets for both of us!
We were excited to be a part of the history as well!

We came to watch on Saturday (Sept 30) for qualification and came the next day for the final race. Our seats were at the main grandstand which I didn't enjoy it as I didn't get to see the whole circuit. But I could clearly see how the teams works. I was amazed by how quickly they could change the tires within s…

Favourite Songs of The Month - January 2017

Hi guys! 
It's so good to be back! I had taken a break last year for me to focus on my career. I love my job so much that it was a struggle for me to let go since the distance wasn't convenient for me anymore plus with other issues as well. It took one & half hour for me to go to work and more than two hours for me to reach home. Crazy right? Anyway,my work was more into being an "International Diplomat" where I got to learn on how to communicate with them professionally. I enjoyed it so much that sometimes I forgot that I was working.
Let's talk about music! 
Since I have a very high interest on Spanish songs because they are more "dance-able" and fun to listen to compared to English songs. So please bear with me.

I discovered Maluma since end of last year and I think he has an amazing voice. Some says he looks like Zayn Malik , only it's a chubbier version of him. Yea right. He has so many great songs but this one is my favourite. Take a list…

Halloween Night

On 31st October 2015 we had our 8th Anniversary of the company and my new workplace. That shall explain why I didn't update much on the blog which is such a shame. I was a newbie for about two weeks but I was invited for the dinner and everyone needed to do performances. The best of all I was honored to do it solo! (great...just great *sigh)

The occasion took place in Shangri-La Hotel at Jalan Sultan Ismail. We gathered there around 8pm. The decorations were simple yet pretty. Besides, it was a small and private party dinner.

Gift sections for lucky draws, awards and for the VIPs.

Dinner table layout. 

Noticed this beautiful and fresh roses on the table. I thought they were fake but they were real flowers!

I was offered wine but I don't drink and left it nicely on the table but that fruit punch drink was so tasty! It was mixed fruits juice with watermelons and else (which I couldn't quiet figure lol).

We were served by eight coursing for our meals. So let's start.

1. Shangri-…

Mimi's Engagement

On August 8th, Mimi (my cousin) who is as the same age as me got engaged! I was so excited but I went there a bit late due to some works and only managed to snap a few pictures. I worn a very old Baju Kurung because I decided to use it after a long time and luckily still could fit it. We went to Yana's (his fiance) house after Zohor around 3pm by four cars. It wasn't far somehow. We called it 'Cinta Satu Lorong Je'.

These are the hantaran from Mimi which to be send to Yana and her family. We used brown as for the theme.

After we reached there, some discussion on setting for the marriage date and a bit of prayer for a smooth occasion. 

Yana's hantaran used green for the theme. Everything looked pretty and cute. I love it.

After 20 mins of discussion finally they were engaged!!

Love the detailing there though green is not my color but it looked good on her.

Grandma & Yana & Mak Ngah (Mimi's mother).
After that we were treated lunch with various delicious food su…

Emptied Product September 2015

I'm back with used products. It's not new products in the market but I just switched to these a few months ago. For your information, I'm not a type of person who like changes so I normally stick to what works for me for a while until I get bored.

For hair products, I switched from L'Oreal into Herbal Essence. Both products do excellent work for my hair but the smell from Herbal Essence Moisturizing Shampoo& Conditioner are stronger that can last longer on my hair. This product really works best whenever I blow my hair. Lucido Designing Aqua Hair Blow Lotion saves me a lot of time because I just can use low heat dry blow and the hair will cooperate to give the desire look. Plus it protects my hair from heat.

Syahirah Krim Pelembab Muka doesn't work well for me. It is supposedly for oily skin but when I apply this it makes my skin twice oily and sticky than before. Not gonna repurchase this for sure.I have a lot of white shirts/blouse/top. So I always have trouble…

Wani's Engagement

On August 2nd, I was invited for my best friend's wedding. I thought I couldn't make it because I  already had made a new plan but later I thought it only happened once of everyone's life time mostly. Since I didn't know her house location I followed Mila who's also my best friend aka Wani's make up artist for the engagement. I was so excited and to be honest this was my first time attending an engagement ceremony in my life. 

Mila's 'tools' in making the make over. What I did was giving comments and ate the cakes given by Wani's mother and sipping the syrup drink.

Her dress was so beautiful with details of beads. The soft brown color really compliment her skins.

Mila was giving her last touch. Here's a little bit about her make up. I like how she applied foundation color that blended well with the skin tone. It made the make up look so natural and pretty. She likes to focus on the eyes and completed it with soft lips color. Make up should enha…