Monday, December 28, 2009

Ghost Adventures

Have any1 following this show? well..i've been following GHOST ADVENTURES 4 couple
of weeks ago..actually i'm kindda big fan for this kindda show..
but last night the show was about Crazy Old Hospital which crazy people had died nearly 10000
people..gosh..the building quiet freaky n they had recorded many paranormal xtivites..
including like shade..or Orbs..and many more
they did a good job when hunting them in the middle of nite and were locked inside..
until early monink..gosh!..but the best thing is...the hunter is howt 2..haha..luv!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sick lil' kItteN

It happened about couple of weeks ago but i was so lazy 2 write in my blog..
so 2day i feel like it so i found dis lil' kitty at the back of my grandma's house..
at first i thought it was dead..but when i came closer it's still breathing..
so i took and showed 2 my mom and she said " i want 2 eat doughnut"...=.="
so i left the poor kitty and got ready 2 we went 2 JJ , ate doughnut and did some
window shupink...and came home..but unfortunately...
the kitty was DEAD!..i was so sad even though i just found it..T-T
so we buried behind my grandma's house..while i was writing this blog i'm listening 2 this song Bad Romance-Lady 1st i thought this song's suck but soon i feel like it..hahahaha
i hope u guys like it 2..luv!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Fav Lyrics

This is my fav lyric for's really sad..and i dun know why i luv it..huhu..
besides , the song is quiet good..and i luv the beat...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Math exM

Gosh! I did bad in math exm recently..
The questions are quiet simple but there's somthing in me that's very lazy 2 do it..
I dunno why and I'm very upset bout it..
2day is the 1st day of my holidays..i'm just wondering wat i'm gonna do with 1 month *sigh...but 1st , I need 2 visit my grandparnts and 2 take my centifacate..mayb go 2 Kuantan 4 Volleyball's Reunion..and might be go to Penang 2 visit Bella and have some fun a lil' bit..ermm..anyone have better ideas?sleeping

Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday, September 7, 2009

m00d swing

Today..i got mood swing..why? because i got bad result for my account test..
n the best is..all my frens get good results with that..
so i'm feeling like i'm a loser right now..
but it's ok..i'll try harder next time..
this is a very good lesson for me..
but i'm starting 2 feel alone now..

Thursday, August 27, 2009

~faSting mOnth~

Fasting month has arrived..need 2 fast n forget about the food 4 the whole day..very tired but i really like when i break my fast with my's really the way, it's only a month in a year..
soon aidilfitri will arrive and i'm looking forward about that..
so i want 2 wish all friends "happy fasting month!"
love from me...ann/rai

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

bZ weEk..

This week is really bz 4 me..not that i didn't have much time 2 sleep..but i'v already miss so many things like in my stdies..and not 2 forget about the common test..
i rarely get into on9 lately..due 2 some problem with my broadband...
missing my roomate , Bella..when u'll be coming back? who's gonna deal with nigga if u aren't here with me...and who's gonna chill my life if it's not u?
can't wait 4 u 2 come back..

i guess that's all...i need 2 finished my homework now cuz there would be discussion 2morrow...
hope my mom will be visiting me 2day..cuz i need that book..
good bye then..happy fasting month from me...ann /rai

Friday, August 14, 2009

FeeLin' LiKe GiVin' Up...

I just recover from my bad fever was a very hard time 4 me as i miss so many classes..i'd missed my 1 chapter accountancy subject..and my broadband doesn't work so well so i had 2 online in here , cc..
i feel like giving up in my studies because it had been one week i didn't enter my frens starting 2 miss me i guess...and i didn't know about the things had happened around me..
and also not 2 forget about so many xsigment that need 2 be done..not yet including my revision that need 2 be done..i guess i'm gonna b bz this weekend..and sorry 4 my fren bella..maybe i'm not going 2 watch movies with you this weekend..but i try 2 make it 4 you..i really need some colours 2 get my life back 2 normal from me..bye..
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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Out Of the Plan

Heartunfinished food from Black Canyon CoffeeHeart

2day, me n my closest fren plan up 2 go 2 PWTC but unfortunately we can't follow the plan.. so we went 2 jj Bkit Tggi , Klang.. At 1st we went 2 buy my fren's outfit for about an hour.. n i was rowing around waiting 4 my fren 2 make decision about it.. then , we all felt hungry n headed 2 Black Canyon Coffee.. and the food weren't so bad as we were very hungry lol.. but be4 that we went 2 buy shoes... n i was given some good books for my studies.. thanx dear!

Friday, July 31, 2009

boorrrriiiiinnnnnggg day


Yesterday was a boring day..
i didn't do nothing much..
just staying indoor..
n myspacing with my close fren...
then watched 'Keeping Up With Kardashians'
I really like 2 watch wat's Kim doing in that reality show..
I slept early last nite..
but before going 2 bed I ate kuaci because it's been a long time I didn't eat this kindda stuff..
Hello Kitty

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

my new make up

Hearti just got this yesterdayHeart

Thanks for the person who had gifted me with this make up..
sorry 4 not using it yet..
thanks again for buying me good stuff here..
the best thing is they are made from herbs..
suggestion : try it

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