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Ulu Yam Part 1

Hello everyone! As I'm writing this post I'm watching James Bond The Skyfall. Don't get me wrong , I'm just a big fan of Danial Craig and his blue eyes. So about last week I went camping with my friends. We did took a long time I guess to plan this trip because everyone was busy with classes , exams and many other stuffs. However , it was a short fun gateway. This was my first time to Ulu Yam but I heard a lots of scary stories about that place before I went there. So I told myself I need to be mentally and physically ready. Maybe I was just being to much as the place was not that scary from what I heard. We took off on Monday at about 2pm. So here was what I brought for camping. 

I tried my best not to bring too much stuffs , well you know being a girl is very hard when it comes to packing haha ..but I think I did well because I only brought what I need. 
Before we went straight to the camping site , we dropped by to a supermarket to get things , mostly food supply for …

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