Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Iftar Part Two

It was one week before first Syawal . So this time we went to Impian Morib to break our fast before everyone were starting to busy themselves with Aidilfitri decorations. Me and my boyfriend went a bit late as we went with different car. So when I reached there , his family were already gathering and waiting for breaking time. 

Since we were like twelve people all together , we had to sit on different table. The place was nice with minimum decorations. And the place was less crowded compared to the last one , might be some like to berbuka puasa with their families on their last week of fasting. 

A little details on the table while we were waiting for food.

Since it was a buffet so it was self-serviced .We were served Masakan Melayu for our iftar. I was a bit confused which one should I picked first because it got so many choices and tasty! 

My favourite part of the meal was Roti Goreng with sauce . It was so yummy but too bad I was fulled and could only finished two three slices only.

The stuffs were very nice to us when we asked for less sugar drink since the one they had served was too sweet for us. Thank you for having me once again for iftar with your family. I had a good time and most importantly my tummy was so happy about it. 

p/s : I will be pursuing my study soon so I was a bit excited for it. Plus I can't wait to meet my new classmates and coursemates! 

Thank you for reading. Till we meet again in the next post. Bye !

Friday, September 13, 2013

Iftar Part One

        Hey guys! Sorry for taking such a long time to write another post. No I'm not totally busy. I was just not in the mood to start writing. As I'm typing this I'm babysitting my brother because of some problems. Anyway , I've decided to post about my fasting month which was two month ago. My boyfriend decided to break our fast at Hotel Concorde KLIA. So we reached there about 7.15pm and checked in for reservation.

        The best part of this entry is the food! Oh my gosh ! The food there was so delicious! Might be because I was so hungry but trust me the food was amazing lol.

It got varieties of food. From Masakan Melayu to western and Japanese.Of course I would had rice first before indulged in other food.

This is one of his twin sister and his grandma waiting for our break fast time. The place was not too crowded and everyone was having great time with their families and friends.

 After I had done with my first meal , I went for dessert and decided to choose this oreo cake instead of strawberry one. I was glad I had made a right choice because I don't fancy cakes or cupcakes because they are too sweet for me but this one was just nice! I love it. Not too sweet and delicious too.

Later , I wanted to eat sushi and satay but too bad I was so full. I only managed to eat mushroom soup and some fruits. After we had done and performed our prayer we went home and I was coughing and my throat felt so itchy. Might be due to the water served there. But everything went good . So thank you for having me to break our fast together and I really enjoyed it there. Bye !

p/s : I only used my phone camera to capture those so sorry for low quality pictures! 

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