Sunday, January 12, 2014

Shy and afraid

Hi everyone. How’s your weekend? Today is the 11th day of 2014 so I think it’s not too late for me to wish you guys HAPPY NEW YEAR!

 Of course, when it comes to a new start everyone has their own resolutions. I wanted to blog about my new resolutions too but we all know that sooner or later they will be thrown out from the windows.  But I’m not saying you can’t have your resolutions but consistence is the key which of course it’s not easy to be done.  
As I look through my 2013, it was pretty awesome for me. I wanted to list one by one of them but I’ll bore you guys.  But last week I realized that 2013 had taught me one of the most important things in life.  
Some might don’t know that I was really-really a shy person and afraid. Blame it on my old lifestyle but as I grow older, it gets better but I’m still afraid when I go to new place, new zone or new person that I just randomly meet.

It happened when I went to a shop and wanted to ask about how I can use my membership card somewhere else. But I was too afraid that I will embarrass myself in front bunch people that will think I was such a lame person. So I ended up just “never mind I’ll google it at home” and then I forgot about it.
It happened again and again whenever I went to a new zone. Like in a hotel when I wanted to drink cappuccino but I didn’t know how to use the machine and there were like 7-8 person standing nearby there enjoying the morning coffee drink.  And again I failed myself by saying “never mind” instead of just ask one of them how I can use the machine. 

I went home and I was frustrated with myself. Later I got a job and many foreigners from Australia, USA, Indonesia, Yemen and more work there too. They are very friendly and whenever we were in the same lift they will ask “how are you, how’s your day” and such. And one thing I realized was they are not afraid to ask question even though it’s the silliest question ever. It’s a new place, new zone, new people but they are not afraid to smile and ask me any random questions.

And now I can proudly say that I’m not the old me anymore. Whenever  I feel afraid and shy I keep telling myself that to always speak my mind, be confident, don’t afraid to be wrong because everyone did it also and they can think whatever they want because I’m helping myself to be better me.

Thank you for reading. XOXO.

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