Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Small Haul ~

So this is just random small haul what i got today..i don't mean to brag for what i got..but if i did..what is it for? These are just some cheap things that i thought that would be let's start..

I got this pendant..i want to find something that is big & vintage looking i found this! It got red yellow & green colour..i don't like the colour but i guess i'll just deal with it sooner or later..

Then i went to Daiso just to take a look around but i can stop myself from grabbing it and put it into my i get myself these food clippers..very useful for clipping bread after er..ermm eaten?? *ayat karangan xleh bla..

I really need this magnet thingy for my white board..cuz i hate to write on my board (yes i'm weird)..i rather write notes on a piece of paper than put it on the board with the magnet..


It is a soft black case for my lappy..i want to buy mini fans that you put underneath you lappy but i forgot to buy it when i reached home.. =(  ...i guess i need to go back agan

then i bought this frame..because i got extra picture which i don't know where to put...

my old flip-flop was so big so when i was wearing it hurt my feet so bad so i decided to get a new one with the same sort of brand..

so that are all what i got today..i'm feeling so tired right now cause today i walked alot..i don't mind for not having a car..i can just walk as long as my legs could carry me..what i'm trying to say is that walking is the only exercise that i enjoy doing ..bye !

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