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Hot Topic : Food!

YES! There's got to be reason why I am who I am today. I'm talking about my weight guys. LOL. I've decided to post about this topic because well, first everyone loves food. Second there are so many food pictures in my phone gallery (so sorry of the pictures' quality) because (call me mental illness whatever) I like to snap picture of my meals. It's nothing personal, I'm just having the moment when the food is served. And I wanna share some of my favorite food that I'd tried.
I like western food and seafood so warning for those who don't like it.
It happened when my family and I went to Sungai Congkak for school project. Woke up in the morning feeling hungry, we went to the nearest stall in search for breakfast. We thought we would have Nasi Lemak or else. But to our surprised, that place only serve burgers and Roti John and Maggie goreng only. Without any choices we ordered burgers and Roti John. The food was fine. The bread was bit crunchy …

Ins & Outs : Hectic


Iftar Part Two

It was one week before first Syawal . So this time we went to Impian Morib to break our fast before everyone were starting to busy themselves with Aidilfitri decorations. Me and my boyfriend went a bit late as we went with different car. So when I reached there , his family were already gathering and waiting for breaking time. 

Since we were like twelve people all together , we had to sit on different table. The place was nice with minimum decorations. And the place was less crowded compared to the last one , might be some like to berbuka puasa with their families on their last week of fasting. 
A little details on the table while we were waiting for food.

Since it was a buffet so it was self-serviced .We were served Masakan Melayu for our iftar. I was a bit confused which one should I picked first because it got so many choices and tasty! 

My favourite part of the meal was Roti Goreng with sauce . It was so yummy but too bad I was fulled and could only finished two three slices only.


Iftar Part One

Hey guys! Sorry for taking such a long time to write another post. No I'm not totally busy. I was just not in the mood to start writing. As I'm typing this I'm babysitting my brother because of some problems. Anyway , I've decided to post about my fasting month which was two month ago. My boyfriend decided to break our fast at Hotel Concorde KLIA. So we reached there about 7.15pm and checked in for reservation.

  The best part of this entry is the food! Oh my gosh ! The food there was so delicious! Might be because I was so hungry but trust me the food was amazing lol.

It got varieties of food. From Masakan Melayu to western and Japanese.Of course I would had rice first before indulged in other food.

This is one of his twin sister and his grandma waiting for our break fast time. The place was not too crowded and everyone was having great time with their families and friends.

 After I had done with my first meal , I went for dessert and decided to choose this oreo cake ins…

My 2013 so far

I know it's too early for me to say that I think this year is a lot better than last year. But my 2013 so far has been very good. Of course I've been through lots of ups and downs. I'm a person who doesn't cry when I feel sad or things don't go right or not the way I've expected. But this year , I did cried a couple of times due to frustrations. BUT it didn't weaken me. Everyone has their own problems in their lives but it's the way they handle the situations make them who they are today. I've decided to list down my ups and downs to see how far I've come and for my inspirational and others too.


Failed my test
I'd studied hard for my exams and tests this year because I wanted it to be the last and the best for me. I was stressed when I didn't manage to understand what I'd studied . Trust me , when you're trying to do the best of the things you're not interested into was very2 hard. I didn't had much friends t…

Book Review : Little Sister

I was planning to post this entry in April because it was the book I'd read during the whole month. But I was busy with some trips and volleyball tournament which ended me 3 months late! I'm so sorry.

  So three months ago , I bought this book , Little Sister by Lucy Dawson using book vouchers at Popular bookstore. This book is very 'straight - forward' story. It's about two sisters , Kate and Anya. Both have different personality. Anya is a free spirit girl who loves to travel while Kate has a husband and a baby. In a dead of night , Kate received a phone call telling about her missing sister. Thing got worse when she was found missing in Mexico , miles away from Kate. So this book told the story how Kate tried to search for her sister but she couldn't just went to Mexico because she had a baby to look at and a protective husband who was so worried about her safety. The cover was very compelling to me which hints at something deep and mystery. However , there …

Ulu Yam Part 3 ( Last part)

In case you haven't read about previous part so here's the link.
Part 1 Part 2
So the next day , we woke up early to play games before head home..To be honest I hate to wake up early. Plus we slept late before that. But YOLO  , so we just did it lol..some of us were setting up the games and the rest took the opportunity to nap.

We were getting ready for aerobic and for some dancing move like "poco-poco" which I'm suck at it. It's just very difficult for me to follow. It's weird because I had no problem with my aerobic class at the gym before.

My favourite part was when we were chasing and running around in order to blow up others balloon. It was so funny because what I did was screaming for help while running but no one came which was hopeless lol !
After that we took our late lunch and got ready to head home. We took last picture of us together which will always gonna be one of the best memories. 

Thank you friends for being part of my life and for being su…

Amazingly Dark

Someone had posted this on my facebook and I thought I wanna share it here because I quiet like it ~

There once was a crooked man,
Who found a crooked cat,
On a crooked stoll,
He took the crooked cat,
Back to the crooked house,
The crooked cat,
Caught a crooked mouse,
And they live happily ever after.....

Or so he thaught,
But looking back at his life,
Alone noe to love nor friends or a wife,
He is miserable a life,
Which croked,
The soul of love in a condition so wicked,
Retched and threaten by hatered,
Petty soul,
No gold,
He cried,
And hung himself.....
Deep down in our soul every single one of us has a crooked man

by  : Rap Romacne

Take a moment

Let's take a moment and appreciate when suddenly things go wrong. There's a saying " If no ups and downs in your life , that's mean you're dead ". Sometimes , all we have to do is just stop and step back to realize what's happening around us. Don't make "one thing" becomes "your everything'. Appreciate those people who always have your back. I'm thankful to have god , mama , sister , boyfriend and supportive friends. No matter how many you've tried , how many times you fell sometimes there's "no give up" in life.. ~

p/s Those pictures ain't mine ~

Ulu Yam Part 2

Hi guys! How's your day? I just came back home from Genting Highland. It was fun and calming. BUT I gotta pack my things up again tomorrow because I have to stay in hostel for like three days and next week for fitness and volleyball practice. I don't know why it's a must for us stay in hostel like my house is only minutes away la. BUT you know , man gotta do what man gotta do (bhaaha ). Luckily , I still can spend my weekend at home or at grandma's. So it isn't that bad. Hopefully.
So let's continue with the Ulu Yam camping part. The next day , after we had breakfast , which took us , girls hours to cook due to some circumstances , we were ready for jungle trekking. I was a bit afraid , well not that afraid because the last time I did this was five-six years ago. I didn't think I still had the stamina for this but it was fine. I was being too much like always LOL. It took only around 45 minutes for us to finish it.
We were reciting a prayer for a safe jungle…

Ulu Yam Part 1

Hello everyone! As I'm writing this post I'm watching James Bond The Skyfall. Don't get me wrong , I'm just a big fan of Danial Craig and his blue eyes. So about last week I went camping with my friends. We did took a long time I guess to plan this trip because everyone was busy with classes , exams and many other stuffs. However , it was a short fun gateway. This was my first time to Ulu Yam but I heard a lots of scary stories about that place before I went there. So I told myself I need to be mentally and physically ready. Maybe I was just being to much as the place was not that scary from what I heard. We took off on Monday at about 2pm. So here was what I brought for camping. 

I tried my best not to bring too much stuffs , well you know being a girl is very hard when it comes to packing haha ..but I think I did well because I only brought what I need. 
Before we went straight to the camping site , we dropped by to a supermarket to get things , mostly food supply for …