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Small Watsons Haul

Hi everyone..I woke up so early today which I did it once in a blue moon. As I'm writing this I'm watching finale episode of Gossip Girl. I don't care if I'm being a spoiler or whatever but Dan Humpfrey is the Gossip Girl and suddenly I'm tired with this world (okay that's too much). I think Georgina Sparks really did rock with black hair and I love her eyes too. Okay enough let's get to the point. Last two days I was running out of my body essentials. So the best shop to get these things is of course Watsons.

I always need bunch of tissues in my room because to be honest I like to eat on my desk which is also in my room. So that I can eat while surfing the net or reading novels. I know it's a bad habit but thank you. Being clumsy is never easy because I always spill everything while I'm eating. So these tissues become in handy. Disposal thing shouldn't be pricey you know.

Next I get myself blackhead removal. The reason why I bought Watsons b…

Follow me !

Hi there! Just wanna post short update here. Lately I love to take a lot of pictures. Not camwhoring of course but I feel inspire to capture the beauty of life. To know that there are many small things happen that I didn't notice. I wanna see another scope of life , another perspective of world and later find out life is wonderful and everything is beautiful in this world. So I've made my Tumblr account (since I don't have Instagram which is kind of sad ) so that I can share what I had captured with my cheap lens and shorter post rather than here in blogspot. I may not as good as professional photographer but the main point is to capture life. So here's some pictures you can find at my Tumblr.

So here's the link of my Tumblr Rai901 Feel free to follow mine and if you have beautiful things to share please feel free to do so. Thank you so much! Love ~

Short Gateaway Part 2

Hi guys ! I'm so sorry for the late update about the second part. I was a bit busy with new classes which I had to skip due to emergency but don't worry everything's fine now. And another reason why my blog post is late because I have to upload the pictures and edit'em , put borders and download them and upload them back in my blog post so it takes few weeks for me to get it done plus with slow internet access , life just ain't easy sometimes..okay back to my short trip to Malacca case you don't know what I am babbling about so here is the first part ..
Short Gateway Part 1
After we had reached at our hotel we took about an hour to rest , to shower and get ready for our next plan because staying in a car within 3-4 hours could be tiring sometimes hahah. The best thing about staying in this hotel is because it is situated in the middle of historical place so we decided to just walk. And you can pay the tricycle-taxi-type to bring you around the Dataran if you…