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My 2013 so far

I know it's too early for me to say that I think this year is a lot better than last year. But my 2013 so far has been very good. Of course I've been through lots of ups and downs. I'm a person who doesn't cry when I feel sad or things don't go right or not the way I've expected. But this year , I did cried a couple of times due to frustrations. BUT it didn't weaken me. Everyone has their own problems in their lives but it's the way they handle the situations make them who they are today. I've decided to list down my ups and downs to see how far I've come and for my inspirational and others too.


Failed my test
I'd studied hard for my exams and tests this year because I wanted it to be the last and the best for me. I was stressed when I didn't manage to understand what I'd studied . Trust me , when you're trying to do the best of the things you're not interested into was very2 hard. I didn't had much friends t…