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Sasa Facemask

Let me tell you I'm a very lazy person. I do basic things which is easy and simple including my skincare routine. I admire girls with flawless face skin and great skin tone. My sister enjoys her "me time" and likes to try many new face mask. Me? Well I only wash my face twice a day. Once after I woke up and later when I'm bout to sleep. Pimples only bother me a little. I will just rock that pimples face that day (I really don't know where my confidence is coming from or I'm just full of myself lol).

However, last week was my assignment dateline. Being a great procrastinator I was so stressed but I'd done it. Later I wanted to reward myself by having "me time". I bought these face masks from Sasa.

And girl I was mad at myself why I didn't buy them sooner! They made my skin so soft. All my pimples started to get smaller and the best part is the pores started to almost vanish! 
I tried to wear the Placenta Essence Mask (pink one) and oh my gosh my…