Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Family feast..14/7/2012

Last Saturday me and my family had our family feast before Ramadhan begins..so we decided to have it at my aunt's house..all the families did come and had made it merrier and fun..especially my small cousins who did nothing but playing by chasing each other..I want to put a lot of pictures for this entry but if I did it would be a long one..so I have to select and limit them a bit *sigh...but here we go !

Here are some preparations before the BBQ start..my aunt did'em early in the morning..to have a better result I guess..

On the right sight of the picture is the "kuah" for the Nasi Impit / Ketupat 

This is the "sambal" for BBQ ..I love it when grandma makes this..of course it would taste the best than any other "sambal"..trust me =P

Here is the first process of making the fried Kuew Teaw..those prawns really made my stomach roared before it was served..in case you wanna know..I like to eat prawns so much !

And this was when the fried Kuew Teaw was almost done and ready to serve !

These are corns before we put butter on them and ready to be roasted..

Raw chickens !

During the BBQ time..I hate standing near it because it was so hot , of course ~

So the prawns were ready..I ate these a lot..trust me..and later my sensitive skin started to sting me *sigh

And here are my little brother , Muz and my cousin Irsyad..we call him Ad


This is my sister Cella..we don't stay together because she prefers staying with my aunt..and I'm glad we can have this moment sometimes 

My uncle and his two non-identical twin daughters..

Besides having BBQ food for our family feast we did celebrate someone else birthday !

Happy birthday to my uncle Acik Ayun , my cousins Liesa and Piki! May Allah blessed them always!

So that's all what happened during our family feast before Ramadhan and I wanna grab this opportunity to wish all my friends and family SELAMAT BERPUASA !

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Life is short

Lately I rarely posting any new updates in my blog..I've been doing okay with all the classes and did went for a photoshoot past few weeks..no I'm not a model and don't love to pose in front of camera..it's just I wanna try something different in my life cause life is short..talking about life..I have sad news to share..one of my lecture had passed away four days..I was so shocked when I knew about it..thank you madam for all your taught and for being patient with us eventhough we didn't always pay much attention during class..Al-fatihah ..may god bless her soul..and the latest one is my sister's best friend's mother has passed away this morning due to clogged blood circulation..Alfatihah to her mother too..this circumstances prove that death is unpredictable and we at least must be ready for that it will comes for us sooner or late..Alfatihah again for both of arwah ..goodnight ~

Monday, July 9, 2012

Had watched this

It took me so long to watch this but yeah..this movies is not like I expected much..the starting is a bit boring for me but later it turned out great..I'll rate this 2 out of 5.. 

while I was googling I found this pictures..LOL..Abraham is chasing Edward!

Now I can't wait to watch Spiderman soon ! LUV

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