Friday, October 29, 2010

Fav lyrics!

I dunno y i'm so obsess wit dis 1..hahaha

So innocent, you can tell by the clothes
College girl with a 4.0
Good girl by day,
Damn who would have known?

But when the lights go (lights go) down
And she's out on the floor,
The freak comes out
And she loses control.
The way she moves got me
Begging for more... (for more...)

Thursday, October 28, 2010


2day i visited my bestfren's sister..she's not that good when we visited her...but i'm sprised by both of them are strong getting through i pray 4 them 2 get well soon...

& just now i found out this one in utube..the sound is very rich juz the way i want it...nice 1

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I got lotz of problems..but i admit it..i dun think even 1 of ' peeps out there thought i dun have any probs..yup...even if i think bout it i won't find any solution..then the best way is just fllow the flow..but i think this sem is the worst..bcuz i'm not intrested in stdyin' anymore...but i still want it..i dunno...yeah..i'm in "lazy" mood..luv!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

22/10/10 - Sisters hangout!


3 of us

Both of 'em



i dunno y Nina luv secret recpi so much...

on our way back home..

Friday, October 22, 2010


kawaii!YES! It's great when ur grandpa have done reading all ur diary..what a big shame!!! i swear i won't come back 2 Kelantan bcuz he's read my diary..argh!!...tanx 4 being 2 concern bout me anyway even u have 2 read my diary..great..lucky me he'd burnt it anyway...fuh!

Friday, October 15, 2010

End 4 this sem classe plus Adam Lambert

Seems like evry1 is talkin' bout last nite show by Adam frens told me he got great2 voice..even my mom told me her fren's sister still can't stop talking bout the show..well..gud 4 u guys..
well let's talk about wat happnd in my just around the corner but recently so many fights between my frens ..i dun know what it's all about...bout hope this thing will fade away..cuz i'm tired being a guy...b nice n focuz on final exm..LUV

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Relaxin' week

Hve u heard song She owns the nite by FM? i really2 like the lyric very much...dis week is very relxing plus no so much stdyin'..bcuz final is just around the corner..and we succesfully finshed the syllabus..yeay! but exm is coming babe!...i dun noe y i'm so eager 2 go shupink eventhough i'v wasted a lot of money on it..but it's still the same..i try my best 2 ignore it..but still i can't help it...and 4 -u - knoe who...i hope all good things come 2 u..LUV

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Yesterday- Sunway Piramid- DIA 2B pluS Mdam Azmalinda!

At Ktm Subang Jaya

In mini bus..odw 2 Sunway Pyramid

havin' branch..hungry! *realy2 look like cine ssat!

Ice skating!

our model of the year!...Fikri

doin our "Jalan2" while shupink plus window shupink!

Great dinner at Hertz!

*wat a blast!

4/10/2010 ....Late update

snapin' pix while waitin' 2 take CTU test

havin' lunch wit cloz frens

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Last nite all we did was hangin' out and just chillin' around..bcuz we did planned 2 watch movie but it was always full...i mean "always" i took a chance 2 buy my friends bday present..sorry 4 givin' it quiet late..but hey! i'm a student & always got financial problem..hahahahha...and i also bought flower-ring-like from's really cute! luv it! and yes, not 2 4get i got CTU test tomrrow..*great..BUT..we gonna watch movie in BEL class tmrrow...yeay! if i didn't will be done after we take the test..:)

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