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Addicted 2 dis song!!

MGT test!

I didn't hve enough time 2 answer all the Questions..but it's weird bcause i'v answered as short as i can..but nvm..."let gone by gone"...hahah!...and the best part is..(i dunno if it's really da best part) when breaking our fast in JJ wit cloz fren..but wat had hppend just now really make me realize that sometimes i disrespect of him..i'm sorry..sometimes i dun mean wat i's just i think it's normal..nver thought it would be happnd like dis..anyway , i couldn't find my slippers! mostly are not da 1 i mayb i'll buy it next time..tmrrow's Saturday & i got class even it's weeknd! *yeah!...

Dirty Cafe-terias!

I dun know if i'm 2 obvious or wat..but this thing really suck!... I still rmmber when i was in Matriculation (old story anyway) i bought a sndwich bcause i was so hungry & in a hurry...and i found out there were like white worms inside it..and i was like "WTH" and i quickly told the seller & she said she was sorry & would give another one..i was like "does it makes any diffennce?"..all i did was askin' my money back..but actually it wasn't bcause of the money..but food hygiene? Suck!..& now i'm in dffrnt collge n hope this thing won't come out..BUT it's still the SAME! & for now we're lucky bcause it's fastin' month..but what about next month? ugh!

just really can't stop listenin' 2 this song over & over again!

1st fasting week...

This week cn b considerd as a worse week..because i got speakin' task which i know nothin' how 2 do bout we have so "many" times..tanx!..and lucky me bcause Miss A didn't ask much bout ******* last week bcause i've told her ealier..and all the stupid rumours startin' 2 kiss me now..and all those useless things i've done..anyway my 1st day of fasting been so great..bcause i dun feel hungry at all..and i did break it wit my grandma in Banting..she's not so well but she's tryin' her best..luv u so much eventhough it's hard 4 me 2 stay close like always..last but not least , hope this ramadhan brings gud things 4 u people..LUV!

My new twin cousins (kmbar x seiras)

older sister

younger sister

2days ago ..modul n astro program