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4 current fav songs~

No 4
Go Chriss Brown! i luv the beat & i feel so cloz 2 da lyrics =P

No 3
Will i am ft David Guetta? not the best 1 but hey , lyan jgk lah..ahahha

No 2
Katty Perry, i luv her voice & so "over the space" lyrics!

No 1
of course, it's about the lyrics..hahahha!

PD trip DiA!!

Entry lpas ak ade ckp sal that my batch plan trip ke PD..seronok sgt! sbb sume sporting gler n ktaorg x packed sgt ngn jdual sbb yg buat pun kita2 btolak naik 2 van & 1 viva...slah sorg driver van 2 ialah org kat bwah nie -.-"

mule2 p sume muka xcited..heheh~

ak pun ape krangnyer..wlpun x ckop yg pkai spek kat bkang 2 hot gler..hahah

Xslp ak pjlanan dlm 2 jam gak r..biase la...pmdu ktaorg nie mmg la sgt bhemah kn2? ak ingat nk tdo dlm van tp suasana meriah sgt..rugi r klo ak tdo byak bhenti..nani bleh plak sggah kfc..maklum lah..lapo..hahha
ok..ble da smpai 2 pnyer la xcited nk tgk Sunshine apartmnt..sgt best n harga bpatotan..ade mse ak pun nk check in sini jgk lah wlpun cm bhntu je..hahah

msing2 da dpat apartment ape agy ..lunch hour...mkn nsi ayam yg da dbungkus drp Ipb agy..sdap x sdap abis jgk cuz mmg lapa..below 2 org minah howt ngah lunch..

bila sume da lunch..msing2 da siap2 nk trun pntai utk xtvt strusnyer...dlm kul 4..ak ingt lpa…

Latest fav!- lyrics..

1 of my BFF

Da lme kitaorg lost contact..skang nie pun dlm fb je..she has been my BFF since i was in MRSM..time 2 i was in Form 4..nmpak je skema nk mpos tp actually minah nie mmg pndai..asl tbe2 ak post pasl minah nie? sbb tbe2 ak t'ingt blek zman dlu2..hahah..ouh, FYi ak pggil dia M' skang ak tgk rmai mmbe2 dia pggil dia Chang..xslap ak minah nie pndai ckp Thailand..ak xingat la cmne ktaorg leh rpat gler..ble ngan minah nie mmg ak speakin' Kelantan pekat sbb only both of us je yg leh phm word2 tertntu..hahah..mmg ade la time 2 yg wat ak xleh lpa sgt..rmai yg knal ak n dia nie dgn trademark "sorg pndai sorg suke wat mslah"..yg pndai 2 dia la..yg suke wat mslah 2 ak kdang2 gler jgk..ade la time 2 kitorg bgn lmbat then dlm kul 7 cm2 slmbe bdak pg DS a.k.a Dewan Selera a.k.a kantin la kot..da xde org da time 2 sbb sume org da p roll call a.k.a perhimpunan tiap2 pg..time 2 syok2 mkn nsi lmak..then tba2 terdgar sore cg disiplin a.k.a Sir Sulaima…

Maulidur Rasul

Holla! 2day is a holyday sbb maulidur i just wanna wish Slmat Ary Maulidur Rasul to all my frens..and evry1..2day xtau nk watpe even cuti..nk kua pun mlas & got money issue also *sigh..sbnarnyer nk update sal p PD tnet buat hal so sbar je la..will be updated soon!

PD here i come!!

Tomorrow me & frens we'll b goin' to PD ..tjuan p PD 2 saje2 je kitaorg buat utk mrapatkn silaturrahm *hehe & also just havin' ag great time togather wit collage , we did went 2 Tesco bli brg2 utk babeque...i really can't wait! but bju x packing agy *malas -.-" seram pun ade jgk..because my mom told me hotel2 kat sane byk yg berhantu ..cternyer , her fren bookin' apartment somewhere in PD tgkat ats..lpas 2 sidai towel kat tpi tgkap..then p borak2 ngan kwan2 sume..pas2 ble tgk tgkap towel jatuh..then sidai blek..but jtuh blek..tbe2 ade org intai from tgkap..ape lgy , pengsan la!

Yg nie plak cter slah sorg kwan yg sewa hotel somewhere in PD sbb ade urusan kje..tgh borak2 same2 bdak2 kje tbe2 dgr org mgilai kat toilet ...seram ouh T-T

but!..hope xda pape la kn..agy pun rmai2 tol x? lalalal~ n hope everything slamat n plan sume ok..yeay!


Recently, i'm soooooooooooo crazy bout boots..xkira lah thigh boots ke ankle boots ke..yg pnting boots..*haha even with ur casual wear a.k.a daily wear pun still can look stylish with boots! dun belive me eh? let's take a look~c? simple but nice kn? suke2 *hehhe

this one nmpak slesa gler ble pkai kan? bleh la marathon jln kaki p mne2 shupink complex..without having those pain..u know, those heels...nk nmpak howt pnyer psl..hahah~

this 1 is thigh boots..cntik when u wear it with i prefer the shorter 1 boots ..must have items for this month..kne la start kumpul duet -.-"

The Green Hornet

I just watched this today with my sis , Nina..she told me cter nie best..at1st i thought this movie is adik ak yakinkn jgk kate cter nie we both went 2 cinema 2 watch this..mula2 cter nie boring sket because wtak Jay Chou x kuar agy (ok i've 2 admit, da reason i watch this just 2 see Jay Chou only)..then lme2 ok la sket..the best part is when they both are fighting with the criminal while tgh curi kpale patong bapak dia..the story is quit boring for me..because it's kinda comic-action movie but it's not bad..just that i dun understand much about what is Jay Chou sayin',i mean in Eng..*nsib baik ade i'll rate this movie 6 out of 10~

Talkative - Youtube

Monink peeps! i know it's non of ur buiz but i still wanna share that i got my new spectcles...YEAY! Past few days had been hard for me without my spectcles which i like 2 call it shades *skali skale ak nk poyo..ya..i know..i've fallen down many times before for past few days & not to forget i smiled to the wrong peep which i thought was my fren -.-"'s ok..i'v already got it..but i'm wonderin' if my spec is similiar wit Daus? plez dun! oh come on! plez dun!..anyway..i woke up this morning & log in to Facebook (daily routine) just to know what's new..& i did..i know many peeps had known bout this but like i care..bahahah! ok back to the topic..normally, not many of malaysians did this..that's y i respect this guy for being outspoken and express his opinions via's one of his channel :~