Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ins & Outs : Hectic

Before I continue with my post, I want to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to all muslim around the world. I just had yummy nasi impit and kuah kacang plus ayam goreng when I typed this cooked by my beloved grandma for my early dinner. Anyway, my life have been a bit hectic lately and with this kind of routine I’ve to scarify my time with family and friends. But I’m starting to love this kind of living style lately. Let me list my ins and outs:


            Like what I’ve tweeted on Twitter, I’ve continued my study at OUM. I’m so excited to finally can take my favorite course and I love the new environment there. I get to know new people with different backgrounds and age. At first I thought our age gap is not too far because they look so young. Later I knew I was the youngest among them! One of them is as old as my mama. Oh my gosh so awet muda. I feel old because I look older than my age T-T

Job Interview.
            I went for job interview yesterday and my sister wanted to accompany me. So she had helped to overcome my nervous eventhough I didn’t feel so nervous at all but a tiny bit only. The interview was great but the terms are worrying me. After I’d done with it, I realized that I like to meet new people which was why I overcome my nervous very well. This had taught me to be calm in handling tough and difficult situations. Glad I’d made it.

            My uncle bought a cute little hamster about 3 weeks ago. It’s name is Boy but I don’t like it so I call it Grey ( Christian Grey, get it?LOL) . I’m so excited to finally have a pet cause I never had pet before! So whenever I’m around I’ll take care of it or else my uncle will. It’s so cute and tame. It doesn’t bite whenever I touch him . Love it!

            We had barbeque with close family and friends the night before raya which means on Monday night. Nothing big but a little thing that make me happy with life. I love to be surrounded by family and friends. 


I still can’t get use to be a part time student. Yeay for not many classes but hell no for blend learning. Learning online is so boring for me. Plus no lectures to ask face to face whenever I want. Of course I can email them but I still prefer face to face learning. And now I’m having problem with my credit transfer. I just had my first class a week ago and the assignments’ dateline is so soon. Like OMGosh! I still don’t know what I’ve learnt! Sobs sobs..

            Since I’m pursuing my study I need money for my college. So I need to find job after I’ve settled a few things more. I’m not good in multi-tasking. So I’m a bit worried if I can study and work at the same time. Maybe it’s time to challenge myself?

            Lately , I’ve been busy going and back from KL-Banting-KL. I miss my free time with my sister and mama. Plus with so much work to be done in shortest time, I really need a vacation. I mean just a short getaway will be fine for me. Hopefully I’ll have that time soon!

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