Sunday, February 15, 2015

Boat Noodle Jaya One

Sometimes life throws bad things to people. It happened to me in my studying. I did not performed well in my last exam. However I managed to pass all the papers but it upsets me still. This was because I did not had my manual/text book to study as it was out of stock. I paid for it but I got nothing. Moved on and I just took the exam. 

This new semester in order to avoid the manual books to be out of stock , I went to collect them early with my sister. I decided to be grateful that I got my book and would perform well in the future. So Nina and I wanted to indulge ourselves with good food to eat for my fresh start. We decided to eat at the Boat Noodles. Luckily, it was not far from my college.

It is situated at The School Jaya One. I love this place. It got so many cafes and restaurants that offer so many good food for you or it would be a good place to just hang out with friends and sips of coffees. 

We love Thai food so much because we are grown with it. And we love street food too! Hence, we could not ask for more when we had our early dinner there. 

The exterior was simple and with a bit touch of Thai floating street.

The decoration inside of the place was simple too , with small tables and chairs. Made us felt like we were really at the street lol.

We were seated at the number 18 table. I loved the strip colours, made it looked unique to me.

However, the menu is not extensive. It only offers a few types but they were enough for us at that time. Plus the noodles are only RM1.90 each!

There are two types of noodles soup , Ayutthaya and Pathumthani. Ayutthaya soup is a bit greenish in colour while Pathumthani is more dark brown. 
The condiments – reminiscent of Thailand’s restaurants.

We knew these were not a healthy choice but we had coke for our drinks.

Full picture of our first round. 

Sadly I do not eat beef because of some issues while Nina loves beef! So we both ordered different menus.  I had Grill Chicken Meat Ball and I loved it so much. Weirdly, it is more pricey than the noodles lol. RM4.90 per bowl.

Nina had Grill Beef Meat Ball for RM5.90 and she said it was good.

So these are the main dishes. RM1.90 each.

Ayutthaya Chicken Thai Rice Noodles.

 Pathumthani Chicken Thai Rice Noodles. 

Ayutthaya Beef Thai Rice Noodles. 

 Pathumthani Beef Thai Rice Noodles.

A candid picture of me took by Nina while I was eating.

We both agreed that we prefered Pathumthani soup because it was tastier for us. And Nina told me that these soups would tasted better with beef. So I recommend you guys to choose beef over chicken. Unless you are not a beef eater like me lol. We rate this to be 4/5 because of the delicious food and friendly service!

And we were ready for our second round!

Operation hours : 10am - 10pm
 The School, Jaya One, 
No.72A, Jalan Universiti,
 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


Sunday, February 1, 2015

2015 Birthday Celebrations!

Hi! How's your weekend going so far? Mine was so busy but the best part was I got to spend more time with my family. This post is about what I got for my birthday. It's not about the gifts but it's more about the thoughts that count. I'm turning 25 and I think this year is going to be great year for me.

My birthday was on January 15th. I didn't expect any gift because it's obviously in the middle of the month where most of everyone trying to 'survive' until their next payday lol. But this year is a bit different. I woke up early on my birthday because I was so excited with no reason. Like I said I didn't expect any gifts but I thought that day was special, it was my BIRTHDAY!

Then someone knocked on my room's door and to my surprise I got a birthday gift from mama, abah and sisters! They wished me happy birthday and I was so excited. It got a little white teddy bear, cookies and little card with my name on it. Thank you and I really appreciate it so much! *happy dance.

My birthday was on Thursday and I had Circuit Training with my coach and others that night. It was an award giving night. I didn't see this one coming too but I won for the Best Push Ups Improvement! I was like "what?". I'm still struggling to do even one push up, how the hell did I do it?. But all I know is I did my best during both fit tests challenge. And to make it more awkward yet fun, everyone started to sing Happy Birthday song when I was standing at the front holding this certificate. It was so awkward for me because well I didn't get this every year and I was thinking should I smile? should I just act cool? but at the end I waved my hand like a diva until the song finished. Yup I rocked that night lol. Anyways, thank you so much Cavin & Jamie!


January was a birthday month for three ladies at Murphy's. Those were Wanie, Kak Shima and Me! Kak Shima invited me and others for her home birthday feast. I was so delighted to come and I also asked my sister and Wanie to come with me. It was so much fun with girlfriends, so much laugh about stupid things and also gossiping. Later we were surprised with our birthday cake! Three of us were so excited, we even asked everyone to sing us happy birthday song lol. After tons and tons of selfies and wefies , we finally cut the cake and enjoyed it.

Picture of Wanie and me enjoying our birthday cake. It got piece of banana inside the cake which was my favorite and delicious! And not to forget the food served by Kak Shima were so yummy too! Thank you so much Mila for the birthday cake. We love it.

My birthday surprise didn't end there of course. Few days later, I got my birthday gift from Wanie. Gosh it was very nice of you to give this little cute gifts to me. Ferrero rocher , earings and necklace? I couldn't ask for more! Notice the snowflake necklace which is nice and dainty. This pair of earing is perfect for my everyday wear to work. Thank you so much Wanie. I love it. It's so perfect.

I also wanted to thank Kak Emma for making special brew of hot chocolate for me which I don't have the picture of it. I'm a really big fan of hot chocolate and of course I sipped and finished it straight away before I had the chance to snap picture of it . So don't blame it on me lol.

I drive to work and park my car at the LRT station. So I meet this uncle who is very kind and sometimes I got free parking lol. He was so nice to give me this big white teddy bear for my birthday present. Thank you so much uncle!

My birthday celebrations end with a nice family feast at my aunty's place. I'm so blessed to be given such a loving family even though we had a hard time last year. Things got better with my grandma's cooking. For your information, she is the best cooker in the entire universe! I was so stuffed with great food that night and my little cute chocolate birthday cake. Thank you so much Mak Ngah and Kak Ina. I really really appreciate it!.   

Nuggets, chicken and beef satay and kuih muih were among the food served that night. Rest in piece my dear diet and healthy eating. 

Highlight of the night was this curry mee cooked by grandma and aunty. It looked plain and simple because I didn't like to put much vegetables on my meal but you have no idea how delicious it was!!

It felt so good to be surrounded by warmth of family who always stand by you through ups and downs. I know I am so lucky be part of it.

 Last but not least I wanna say thank you for the best wishes and spreading the positivity. Even though it is just a short text of "hb" I really appreciate it for taking the time.

Mucho gracias!

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