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Boat Noodle Jaya One

Sometimes life throws bad things to people. It happened to me in my studying. I did not performed well in my last exam. However I managed to pass all the papers but it upsets me still. This was because I did not had my manual/text book to study as it was out of stock. I paid for it but I got nothing. Moved on and I just took the exam. 
This new semester in order to avoid the manual books to be out of stock , I went to collect them early with my sister. I decided to be grateful that I got my book and would perform well in the future. So Nina and I wanted to indulge ourselves with good food to eat for my fresh start. We decided to eat at the Boat Noodles. Luckily, it was not far from my college.

It is situated at The School Jaya One. I love this place. It got so many cafes and restaurants that offer so many good food for you or it would be a good place to just hang out with friends and sips of coffees. 
We love Thai food so much because we are grown with it. And we love street food too! H…

2015 Birthday Celebrations!

Hi! How's your weekend going so far? Mine was so busy but the best part was I got to spend more time with my family. This post is about what I got for my birthday. It's not about the gifts but it's more about the thoughts that count. I'm turning 25 and I think this year is going to be great year for me.
My birthday was on January 15th. I didn't expect any gift because it's obviously in the middle of the month where most of everyone trying to 'survive' until their next payday lol. But this year is a bit different. I woke up early on my birthday because I was so excited with no reason. Like I said I didn't expect any gifts but I thought that day was special, it was my BIRTHDAY!
Then someone knocked on my room's door and to my surprise I got a birthday gift from mama, abah and sisters! They wished me happy birthday and I was so excited. It got a little white teddy bear, cookies and little card with my name on it. Thank you and I really appreciat…