Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday , 31/7/2010 which also called MTV day..=p

All i did 2day was watchin' utube , watchin' utube & watchin' utube again..hahahah..i can't blive i still up 2 Naruto things again..hahah..which remind me of my Sister Nina bcuz she luvs Naruto so much especially Kakashi if u watch that thing..cute! ...and while my frens are so busy with the MTV world stage stuff and gonna meet a barbie look Katy Perry soon..honestly i'm jelous but luckily i got time 2 do my MGT asssigment...hahahha which i've been wondering when will i start doin' it..soon i guess...hahha..& i'm also wonderin' wat hair colour should i choose or mayb just Black or dark brown BUT i'm also wonderin' how much damage would it takes..*sign..anyway to my collegues fren n also my party animal frens..HAVE FUN! woot..woot...woot~

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Black Wednesday

2day is quiet stressfull day for me bacause i need 2 come early b4 next class started just for consultation and i was late and didn't prepare anything..but lucky that wasn't that bad..then felt stressful 4 next class , Accounting class because i didn't understand anything..but it turned out 2 b fun n enjoyin' the lessons..then Maf (costing) class turned out 2 b a "disaster" when we weren't fully prepared for the presentation..& situation turned out 2 b worse and all i was thinkin' was wanted 2 go home and needed some rest..then my mom told me i got a letter that would change my life..& 2day lots of bad things happend 2 me..*sign~

Thursday, July 15, 2010

1st Quiz 4 Diz Sem

Tommorow i'll be hvin' my account(far) quiz..hope can do it well cuz i'm startin' 2 like dis new chapter..n today i did my 1st present 4 dis sem and i'm not fully prepared..luckily i just did da introduction only..and 2day got 1st assgmnt 4 MGT (managment) subject *sign..and 2day i went 2 JJ Maluri with N , A and Q 2 hang out..i want 2 take some pics but was very tired bout it..then we all headed home..and i watched some scary videos in utube about ghost..hope can sleep well 2nite..hahaha...and now i'm listenin' 2 dis song again..

Sunday, July 11, 2010


My 1st weeknd since startin' 3rd sem is bout 2 end..i dun even get the chance 2 read my law book..and even enjoyin' my weeknd..*sign..all i did is goin' 2 Banting and back 2 Kl 2 vsit my grndma..who's not so well..but this time i think is very meaningful weeknd..u know..i'm not single anymore..*grin..hope this 1 gets longer..XOXO

p/s dyin' 2 watch eclpse..need 2 wait til next week!

Watched dis yesterday~

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Stefan Salvatore VS Damon Salvatore

& I choose Damon!! woot2! damn hawt! *sumpah x cri

Monday, July 5, 2010

1st Class 4 3rd Sem

Just got home from class bout an hour ago..tired but not bad..cuz most all the class end early..luv BEL class just now..cuz i get 2 know bout my new classmates..i'm glad 2 b with M again..i miss "Lepakin" time with N & A..sorry i couldn't make it 2day bcuz i've promised M 2 have lunch 2gather..n how bout tmrrow? sounds great..but unfortunately all my class ends after 5.30pm..tired!

p/s Gossip Girl tonite! xoxo

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Student life will begin

Well..2day got nothing much 2 do..just figuring out what 2 wear 4 tmrrow's class..should i bring my sweater/coat ? bcuz it's raining nowadays n quiet cool..not includin' having my fever & cough n air cond in the i decide just bring it..i plan 2 buy new files after this or this hope i stick 2 the plan..when i think about what had happend i feel that everything were meant 2 just move on with my life..n take it as a lesson eventhough it's a hard way..tmmrrow need 2 wake up early and class finish after 5.30pm , lots of homework & quizez soon and student life begins for 3rd semester! xoxo!


Saturday, July 3, 2010

MYdin jek

while waitin' 4 Mydin 2 open

searchin' our things

after that had a drink 2 A&W nearby n gossp-ed alot! hahah

then went 2 Sg.Wang & unexpected things happen..hahahahah

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Well , it's sumthing that u can't ask 4 it..but u need 2 gain 4 it..I dun trust peeps easily especially boyz..but this time i trust this person so much..i dunno if i've done it right..but he'd done a lot to me to get my trust..he's not romantic...he just got his own way..n i hope i can trust more & i'm glad we stay frens..n hope always share happy things 2 gather..i feel great now cuz at least i'v learnt 2 trust peeps..tanx , i dunno wheather i feel happy with my new class or not but i dun care..i'll try harder next time..but hey , it's not like we'r stdyin' in dffrnt collge right? we still can hang out n talk after clazz..i feel great..n tmmrow? another great moment with my frens..tanx 2 u guys cuz make my life so wonderful..^^ LUV

p/s tbe2 jd org passionate..haish...pgaruh grandpa r nieyh

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