Saturday, August 4, 2012

Free gift ~

Lately I've been busy with the classes and recently I work in a magazine shop for a part time job..have to admit I got no life after I've started working..have to manage my time wisely plus trying to co-operate with new work partners but lucky me they are all seem very nice..I mean "at least seem very nice"..positive positive..I'm not a person who likes to subscribe magazine every month but due to free gift given it's hard to ignore myself from buying this Cosmopolitan August Issue mag..

If you buy this mag you'll get 1 set Avenue facial products in just RM5.50.. so why not right?? Plus you'll get some preparation tips for Raya Eid..what to wear , how to spend money for Raya shopping , make up and many more..

I've tried wearing them before I went to bed and when I wake up the next morning my skin feels so soft and pores starting to look it is suitable for oily and sensitive skin like me ~

 So guys why don't you give it a try ?? Check out your magazines shop near you..makes sure it is in August Issue okay..LUV

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