Saturday, May 29, 2010

Watched dis 2day~


I felt broken inside..i felt lefted bcuz ignorance of ***********....i know i'm 2 much..but it seems like ur diffrnt hurts me like hell..i dunno..& now i'm ignorin' all cloz peeps around me..sorry...

Watched dis 2day~

Monday, May 24, 2010

New Apartment...

I just came back from visitin' my mom's friend new has a pool and very windy..i really like it very much! has 3 bedrooms with 2 toilets..and have beautiful scenery!..unfortunately...4got 2 snap the pics..hahahah..LUV!

Late Dinner...Again!

Bad Day

2day..i consider as a bad day..bcuz i broke my glasses..great..! now i feel like an old lady with bad sighted eyes..

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Havin' dis 4 my monink!

kawaii ghostnasi lemakkawaii ghost


I just watched Terminator at's a good show 2 watch i guess but still wonderin' who play the John Corner's role? bcuz he's eyes damn howt..but i didn't watch it always..but b4 that me & my mom & others went out just "round2" was borin' but then..sumthg did caught my's NEUTRAL club!..hahah..nver thought it's so near from my i feel being ignored..i dunno..mayb i shud come back 2 my old life..when everythg's bout fun rather than just stayin' at home & wishin' he'll b thingkin' of u..argh! that's suck!..gudnite !

Friday, May 21, 2010

Late Dinner

Havin' late dinner last nite..keep remindin' myself this is the last time..!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Being Left

I just woke up when writtin' dis blog..not havin' my bfast yet & i guess i'll make it 4 my branch..I planed 2 visit my grandparents & my sis this weekend or next week but need 2 sttle few things cloze fren is goin' away soon..i dunno why i feel lefted & ignored..mayb i just feel lonely..but hey I'm also feel happy 4 u..have fun fren..1 of my GF is makin' her new blog & i cn't wait 2 read it soon..^^ LUV!

Monday, May 10, 2010


When it comes 2 this part , it's really complicated... i dunno's really hard 2 just stay "true"..most of my frens r hppy wit their reltionshp.. but me? i'm not sayin' i'm in a bad rltionshp..evrythg's frens always say dat lovin' peeps is happiness..but me? it's really hard 2 fall in luv..i dunno..*sign

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Hi every1...the last 2 days i've done nothg except just stay at plan had been cncel 2 days in a row..great..n i'm so bored wit it..bdw..tommrw is the last pper 4 my frens & i cn't wait 2 hang out wit 'em again & again..currently listenin' 2 DJ Tiesto..gosh..he's great..i luv most of his song..but sorry..david quetta's still the best..hahaha...lastly..2 all my frens , i wish u guys 4 best of luck 4 the exm..nite peeps..^^

Friday, May 7, 2010

Hunted Room Movie

Yesterday i did watch this movie with my frens...& this movie is from Thailand..but i'm lil' bit upset...bcause at the beginin' it's kindda scary & suspensin'...but the ghost? not much scary..but everythg's not bad at all i guess..i also did my hair done yesterday..& it took near 4 hours..*sign...but i kinnda like it..=>

Monday, May 3, 2010


Bill Kaulitz (Voclist Tokio Hotel)

Adam Lambert

c? not much dffrent...they all luv wearin'

~LAst eXm thIs wEdnEsdaY~

Yesterday , i've taken the most diffcult paper in my course , which i didn't like it
& *sigh...i dunno whter i did it well or not..hope old mistake won't
come again cuz i'm so tired of facin' it...and i'm gettin' older & i dun want 2 get Dip more dan 3 years..*sigh'd passed rite? so just pray 4 it..and just focus on last paper dis cumin' wed (MGT)....& plannin' 2 vsit my grandparents and miss my old stuff badly..
& i really2 need 2 loose my weight but instead..i keep gainin' my weight...
i've never reachd my weight*sigh again2 & again..

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