Sunday, July 12, 2015

Royal Floria Putrajaya 2015 Part 2

Part 1 is here.

After we had our lunch we took a stroll around the area. We decided to go Chinese Theme plant decoration first. This was the map for us to discover.

The Chinese Theme Park was a bit far behind near the river. However, we didn't bother walking a bit as we enjoyed the beautiful view and the bridge as for the background.

Found a smaller photo booth and took a lot of  we-fie here and there.

This was the main entrance of the Chinese Theme Park. We had to take turns for pictures as there were many people took pictures too. 

However there was not much for us to discover as the place was so small and not much variations of plants planted there. There was a small pond that consist of cute small goldfish that added the landscape of the park. Tried to snap it but pictures don't do much justice.

As I told earlier the weather was very hot but we were lucky that the place was only minor crowded compared to the late evening. Hence we took a rest under this kind of bamboo trees I think.

After we had done, we were thirsty and went for coffee break near the river. There were many seats for us to choose. 

We bought our drink at this KopieSatu Truck. 

We ordered iced coffees which were so sweet to our liking. I think blended coffees would taste better than the regular iced coffees. 

Then we took our seats , sipping the cold drinks while enjoying the river breeze. We had a little chat before continued to our next sections of the place which will be posted on part 3.


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