Tuesday, February 12, 2013

January Favourites

Hi everyone and good evening Malaysia! Sorry for not posting new entry for so long and sorry again for making January Favourites a late one..I'm just being busy doing thing I don't even know ( lame excuse haha ). I'm a boring and simple person and don't wear make up much bla and bla..so what I really want to say is most of my January favourites are random things. So here we go ~

  • First of my random favourite is this polka dot pinkish mug. I'm not a coffee addicted but I can't live without hot chocolate drink per day. Sometimes I'm running out of milo because I drink it too much  , so at least this cute mug makes me feel better without any drink in it. I know I'm not making sense right now hahah LOL ! 

  •  Second favourite is this Fifty Shades Darker by EL James. I love the first edition the most when I'd done reading this book. The plot is just too slow..too much romantic-make-love scenes and I'm getting tired of them. But it's still a good book to read. Right now I'm looking a next new book to read..any suggestion? I love dark , witch , vampire and something more like that. 

  • For my lips product , I loveeee lovee love this Just Bitten Kissable by Revlon. It's minty and in soft orange colour which makes my lips softer and kissable hahah ~

  • I don't like double ring because you know , you can't move your fingers much but I wore this the most. I don't know what have gotten me in last month. Bling- bling ~

  • And last one , I like this Eclipse mints. It's a bit pricey if being compared with other brands but it's worth it. I love peppermint the most and I bring it everywhere I go. 

Thank you so much for reading this. So now it's time for you to tell me what's your favourites ! Bye !

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