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Short gateway Part 1

Hi everyone! How's your weekend? Mine , had spent great time at the gym and did helped my grandmother to reorganize the was fun and I love it when I sweat a lot..trying to exercise and having good lifestyle lately. Last weekend I went for a short gateway to Malacca for two days & one night only. I've lots lots of pictures about my vacation trip so I have to post it in different here's the part 1..I don't know why I was so lazy to make my hair done might be I was in sorrow about what happened in Gaza so I just side braided my hair.
The journey took about 3 to 4 hours and I was so boring so I did nothing but camwhoring hahah..I didn't wear much make up..I just wanted to enjoy being lazy and watched the pouring rain season.

I worn my stack bracelets because I was just feeling like doing so hahah

After a few hours we finally reached Malacca and I was so excited after camwhoring with tons of pictures in the car. Malacca is always be one of my favourit…

Nescafe on the Life

Hi everyone! How are you guys been doing?? Okay , here's the thing..imagine what would you do if you were given RM500 cash ?? I don't know about you boys would do..but we as girls of course the word "shopping" would be the first thing on our mind!! Imagine how we are gonna spend with the money plus with the year end sale?? It would be perfect !!
And you'll get new handbag , new shoes & heels , clothes , dress , new ermm..I mean everything you want & look great by new year with new spirit ! Isn't life great ?? Alright let's get back to reality , here's how you you gonna stand a chance to win RM500 ! You only need two steps , I know it's two steps only..easy right??
First clickTHISto go to the site..
Then you'll see this page !

How to join?? Follow the instructions..choose one of the aspiration that best represent you ! As for me I'll choose Collector of sights !

Then take photo of it and upload it via Instagram..EASY ! You know what , yo…

October Favourites

Hi guys ! October had been a hectic month (at least for the first two weeks ) for me because it was the month when I took my exam. Not many of my friends had their birthdays on October which was erm ..ermm..good?? LOL ! Okay here we go for my October Favourites !
Last month I'd been craving for street food a lot..Seriously I had no idea why..It was just sometimes street food are so deli deli delicious yo..but I ate "Jagung Bakar " a lot last month..again I had no idea why..It was just random..who else love "Jagung Bakar" during raining season?? Put yo hands up !

And for my favourite book of October is People and Great Deeds by Yvonne Beckwith..It is an old book..since 1971 which mean it is (let me find calculator ) 41 years old ! Whoa..It was a gift from my grandfather when I was in my childhood..This book really inspired me last month like I should believe in what I do eventhough people will find it's I like to read it a lot!

And for my favour…

My drawing ~

Hello everyone ! When I woke up this morning I got an email from Nuffnang about Comic Bloggers Gathering & I have to make my own comic in order to join it..and I was like naahh..I won't join it..the point is I can't draw! I don't know why I got completely zero talent while my sister is so very good at drawing ..then I accidentally read a quote saying "You should do the things you think you can not do" & I was like why not??!
Talking about drawing it really brings back some memories when I was in secondary school..all students had to attend drawing class before some of us would be divided and would be attending music class which I was not good either ! So first class we were asked to sketch pictures of fruits..I hate it so much..when the teacher asked to submit it , I lied by telling her I already submitted my teacher was like "really ? I can't find your drawing" and I acted real well so at last my teacher decided to just give B+ for th…


Hi's your day?? Mine , nothings special as I just stay at home doing daily routine and house works..I know most of you have known about but this is still new for me..hence I wanna blog about it so that it will become useful for people who doesn't know about this site..Actually I accidentally found this site..if you are looking for followers or you just wanna meet all the blogger around the world this is exactly the place for you this the homepage of

As I told you earlier , this is a place where you can find bloggers from all around the clicking Bloggers by country tab you'll have lots of countries for you to choose ! Is that awesome?? Like you can read peoples' blog and their perspective around the world with so many racesand more !

Plus , you can ask about bloggers' and their opinions..mostly I found bloggers who write about beauty , health and weight loss which are very helpful to me ..

So I made my account just…