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20/1/2011 Malaca Waterworld - Sempoi2 saja

Seems like evry1 had a great Thaipusam day & so did i..hahahaha ..we went there by 2 cars..i thought it would be ok if i just "tgk2" but ..*sigh..*ak xleh mndi sbb bulan kne just watching around..ahahahah! here's some picca!

me & er..ermm..Dedek & Kakak..xtau la mne 1..pndai2 la korg plih *twins

just watchin' ermm *mguji thap keimanan 1

*mguji thap keimanan 2

cara ak bdiri dlm pix ats nie sme cm org 2 la..hahaha

i had so much fun wit 'em..eventhough i can't join the "mandi manda" but still a great moment anyway..hope dtg agy..cuz ak nk mndi mnda jgk! -.-'

Kenduri Madam Asiah

2day we did went 2 Madam Asiah house 2 attend her son's weddin' ..even on the way to her house i was so exhausted..mayb because of not enough sleep due 2 *u-know-what hahahah...well, before i met wit some of my frens , i need 2 walk a bit just to find ATM nearby and taxi..that's y i was a bit exhausted..however i did even one of my feet had been stung by a bee *it hurts me bad!..but still i managed 2 go there..when i met them at their *syit , kak pah and fara dia* house , i still needed 2 walk 2 go another house..damn..but it's ok..mayb it was the only time we had 2 exercise..hahah..then headed 2 LRT Maluri while waitin' for other's the pic while we were at LRT Maluri..

Me & Syit

We reached there about 1pm if i didn't mistaken..& we immediately walk in & find a place 2 eat..yeah..we were really least i was hungry..LOL here's the pic of "pengantin" in blue

Me & Kak Pah enjoyin' our ice cream..yummy! *4 k…

have watched this~


8 Jan 2011

Ya..i know it's kindda late update & i know i would be the last person to go to I-city but yeah..i did..hahahah

Tasting2~hungry lor

I look fat T_T

At last we headed to D'Taman restaurant and was waiting for chicken chop..but i'v made the wrong choice cuz the nasi goreng was so delicious!!!

& we headed home =P

Had watched these~


Tag 4rm ELIYA~

Apa benda yang paling penting dalam hidup korang?
my mom , love *hahahha & money~

Benda yang terakhir korang beli menggunakan duit korang sendiri?
jap..erm..Vincci flats =.="

Dimana tempat korang ingin melangsungkan perkahwinan korang dan tema perkahwinan korang nanti?
near the lake or in hotels *hehehe

Adakah korang sedang bercinta sekarang?
not sure =P

Siape name penuh kekasih korang tu?
secreto de amor =PPPP

Berapa lama korang akan mencintai kekasih korang?
of course long as i can

Apa lagu kenangan korang dgn kekasih korang tu?
there's alot but...i won't tell ..hahahaha

Dimana korang selalu berjumpa dengan kekasih korang?
dlam malaysia jek~

Ape bende yg korang teringin sangat nak dari kekasih korang?
money and money and money..hahhahahha! no la..ksih syg , understanding n honest! *weks!

Tahun bile korang rase korang akan berumah tangga?
mentang2 la bday ak so berserah pd yg maha esa *wink2

Novel / buku / majalah yang terakhir korang beli?
House of night : untamed..ingat 2 yg…

2 weeks

It has been 2 weeks since the class was i didn't get much time 2 write anythin' in my blog..same goes with my frens..i did checked their blog but no updated is kept..this morning i didn't go to the class bcause i got stomachache but also includin' headache..& i just got home from clinic nearby..she told me it happend because of the stress...seriusly , i dunno if i'm streesin' out or wateva & it did suprised me..however, talkin' bout my day it went pretty good in the class..i got 2 presentations which i hate the most but it went out so well..i think i should be better next time..*good try anyway..but unfortunately , i need 2 catch up in Eco bcuz i've missed it...i feel happy to day maybe everythin' turn out so well but i think i dun have to think 'bout it anymore n focused on what am i goin' to do this weeknd..hey! talkin' bout weeknd i can't wait for my birthday..yeay!!!!! LUV!

House of night : Untamed

I just got home 2 buy this book & many other school supplies..i'm not a kindda girl that always spend money on my "unnecessary" need..but i guess because of new year spirit i did overboard bout it..but "no regret " will be applied..anyway , i can't wait to read this novel *yeay!..will sleep late tonite i guess..LUV!