Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My current fav earing !

i was so disappointed because i can't find earing that i've been aiming for nearly a week..but this one really make my day !

close up =)

Bye !

Kak Mira's Wedding Ceremony !

Last Sunday , i mean 3 days ago ..Asiah , Nani , Along , Dhamirah , Nomi , Pija and sorang lagy nama aku tak tau went to Malacca to attend Kak Mira's wedding..honestly this is my first time going to my friend's i was so excited but feeling weird at the same time..we departed at nearly 10 am..the journey took nearly three hours or might be we stopped by to change into baju kurung..

This is Asiah and Nani who's doing the touch up =P

i don't like this picture..might be i don't look good kot hahaha

so here's the brides with red & black theme wedding colour..

the food was great and the people were great and warm =P

so after the 'Kompang thing' we went back and heading to nearest beach because Nani wanted to go there so much..the traffic was took hours for us to reach there ~

Finally we were here at the beach !!.. First i thought Asiah wanted to join Nani swimming but she just walked at the beach side..

i did enjoyed at the beach but it was kind of weird because i can't find much of the seashells ..hmm

so here might be the happiest person at the moment..Nani & Along !

So i wanna wish Selamat Pengantin Baru to Kak Mira & her husband ..may happiness will always be yours till the end of time..and thanks to Along and Nani for sending me home ! And thanks for Asiah for bringing us to her sister's restaurant which is also in Malacca..the food was so yummy ! Last but not least..Thanks for Hasrunizam Masri for letting me borrowed his camera ! I'm so blessed..Alhamdulillah !

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Melacca Trip!!

Sorry for the late update..i did went to Malacca about three weeks was in the end of November..we went there on Friday after class..after nearly four or three (i don't know , i really can't remember) of journey..finally we reached our was about 8 when we reached we checked in and headed to our own room~

the first thing i saw when i entered my room was this picture..i love this picture so brings some kind of those unexplained memories..

sadly it was dark when we reached there so we didn't get the chance to go swimming and chill out near the pools..

next time we go there i'll definitely want to swim in this looking at it really ate me from inside !

so at night , we walked around Malacca that is near to our was fun..the food was great and cheap too i guess ~

i didn't snap so much pictures that night because got problem with the camera and i don't really understand why it had to be that night grrr~

after that we went to Taming Sari Tower..i thought it was fun but i mean it was really fun but i never knew that sometimes i'm afraid of was so high! So here's some view that we could snap.. the traffic were not so busy at that time ~

more peaceful view than the previous one ...

so we went back to our home and everyone was tired..i felt so hungry that time so i decided to have my dinner on i ordered Fish & Chips..the best i had had so far if compared with First World with stomach full , i went to bed with happy face hahaha

so we checked out and headed to parking lots...notice anything??

Well , it's a non-smoking area yo..but the only one who's smoking in this area is the driver..haish..

so went to Johor for a wedding ceremony...another long journey to go !


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Had watched these ~

The reason why i wanted to watch Puss in Boots is because wanna hear Antonio Banderas voice..hahha..but never thought Humpty Dumpty is a bad person..i only know humpty dumpty song which i sing since i was 5..anyway this movie i'll rate 2.5 out of 5!

I was so excited to watch Twilight..well i've been waiting this movie for about nearly a year..anyway, i'm Jacob's team in case you wanna know ;p

My favourite scene in this movie is during Bella & Edwards's like a fairy tale wedding in the forest and i like this very very much ! not so big yet just a nice wedding ~

Watching Jacob cries really broke my heart when Bella delivered the baby..hahah..i almost cry but i WOn't cry in public!

I really can't wait for Breaking Down part two..wondering how the baby will look alike when she's i'll rate this 3.5 out of 5 !

Monday, November 21, 2011

First day of class ~

First class of the day aku start pukul 10.30..and cuma 1 kelas je..ingat nak ponteng je tp melampau2 la plak..klau yer pun tunggu la tengah2 sem nanti far tak de blajar sangat..cume briefing je..aku x rindu pun nak lunch kat cafe so aku lunch kat rumah je..sambil2 blajar masak la kan sikit bhahah..tapi best part nya boleh lepak2 ngan geng2 yang x jumpa time cuti tu..sambil2 gosip2..Nani la yang paling seronok skali bab gosip2 ni..besok kelas agak xtak tau la ni excited ke x..hahah..ok chau !

Monday, November 14, 2011

Back in KL after 3 weeks of working !

Yeah! Ak selamat jugak sampai rumah semalam petang..nearly 3 weeks of working memang letih la jugak..& mase tu memang ak x sabar nak balik rumah..tapi bila da sampai uma rindu plak time duk office..haish..tapi sebelom ak balik rumah ak ade singgah Tesco sebab bajet nak bli barang2 dapur orang2 yang hantar ak tu pun kene heret jugak la..tapi kn bawak budak2 ni rase best diorg lagy pandai cari barang daripada ak -.-'..lepas da habis gedik2 beli barang yang wat bajet ak lari tu kitaorang perut mula lapa..then p la nak makan kat Santai..but makan la dekat Secret Recipe..ak ni kurang makan kat sini tapi belasah je lah da orang belanja kan? & him pilih fish & chip..

ak ingat 1 pieces je lah fish tu..rupanya dua..tau camtu ak x order..hahah..muak nak habis kan..tapi xpe..sedap maa

ak rasa budak ni nama Amar kot..ntah ak slalu confius mane 1 Amar mane 1 Amirul..klo da main Angry bird sume benda x jalan..bagus

Yang ni pendiam sikit..Amirul nak makan kek je..tapi tengok dia seksa jugak nak habis kn sume tu..hahahah

and this is my big bos yang konon2 nya tegas masa kat pejabat..hahah tapi kn x suke betol pix kat baju dia tu..tension tengok..bhahahah..pape pun thanx sebab korang hantar ak balik even terpakse duk sempit2 cuz penuh barang ak dalam kereta tuh..hahaha...LUV!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tag From Afif El Nino !

First walaupon ak x knal sape Afif El Nino but thanks to Miera Hayat cuz keep continue this chain by tagging me..

-must post these rules.
-each person must post 11 things about theirselves in their journal.
-answer the question the tagger set for you in their post.then create 11 questions for the people you tag to answer.
-you have tag 11 people.
-go to thie page and tell them
-no tag back
-no stuff in the tagging section about 'you are tagged of you're reading this.'you legitimatelly (a.k.a really,trust,with all honesty) tag 11 people

Eleven Things About Me

1. People always call me Rai , Ann , A'an & Ahan.
2. Hate calculation but i luv reading tp klo suh ak baca facts & sejarah ke ape benda memang ak tido.
3. Can not sleep without thick blanket aka comforter.
4. Fuck spiders..why they have so may legs??
5.Recent fav food , drinks & etc : steamboat cuz i luv seafood , sushi , kinder bueno , Milo Ice , Cuppicino , Nasi Lemak , Anything yang masak ketam , pizza , salads and Thai's food.
6. Bad things bout me : Pemarah , don't leave me in wonders cuz your nothing but a S*** , lazy bones and etc.
7. I luv Halloween cartoons & characters & decorations..
8. Books of song lyrics , collecting stamps , buying lots of magazine , playing Resident Evils , BSB fans , writing bout fav artis , reading encyclopedia & old childhood story like beauty & the beast etc used to be my hobbies when i was budak baru nak up.
9. The only sport i'm good at is Volleyball but i'm bad in Hockey.
10. Weird things bout me : Never thought i could have BB , never thought i'm a gym person , wish i can be cantik macam Kim Kardashian & Beyonce bhahah , always dreamt bout pocong , tak makan daging lembu so raya haji ak puase 1 hari..hahaha..allergic yg kadang2 ak pun xpaham mane punca , rabun tapi both my parents mata clear jek.
11.Always believe that god always has a better plan for me.


1. What's your dream car?
Bugatti Veyron tp cam x logic je klo ak bleyh bli better BMW X6..pergh!

2.What's the last book you read?
Infinite by ak lpe sape penulis buku tu.

3.What's the one thing you've done that regret the most?
Sayang orang yang useless and also a traitor.

4.What's kind of music do you like and who are your fav bands?
I luv Trance & Electro ..fav band? xda tp ak gila Pitbull hahahah

5.What's your happiest childhood memory ? What makes it so special?
I rarely have happy childhood moment but ape yang ak xleh lupa when i got 5A in UPSR. Y? because i've proven that i'm just not a spoilt kid and my grandpa was proud of me tp skrang xda sangat la..hahaha

6.If you had to pick up and leave now , to move to another country , where would you go?
I have three places that i really wanna with different reason. 1st , Italy..ak bet sume pmpuan nk p Italy kn. 2nd , England sebab kos hidup sana lebeyh rendah but still can enjoy the benefits. 3rd New York cuz kwan2 ak p sane kerja enjoy ak jlous nak p jugak hahaha

7.If one song were to describe your life , what song would it be?
Well i have two , Simple Plan - welcome to my life & Lmfao ft fergie - no getting over .

8.What are the things you love most?
My lappy , my comforter , my hp , my watch , my spect(rabun la kn ) , money kot..hahah..

9.If you're in a realtionship , who's the lucky person?
Someone who understands me and always be there for me. i won't tell who is he =P

10.Are good at making people smile?
No i'm definitely good at this..klo nuat orang mara ak teror la..

Next 11 question from me .

1. Is your bf is just like your dream guy?
2. Hp or wallet , which one is the thing you can't live without?
3. If you have cancer and only have few more months to live will you tell other person all your bad and dark secrets?
4. When is your awkward moment ?
5. What is your recent fav movie?
6. Do you wish Lady Gaga is dead?
7. What do you really want the most as a pet?
8. Beach or waterfall, which one is more fun?
9. Mom or dad?
10. Do you wish to have a rich family?
11.What makes you strong in your daily life?

Mieyra Hayat ( i did break the rules hahah )
Soul -O
Fikri (xde blog bukan msalah ak)

xckop lantak la..hahha

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Had Watched This !

Paranormal 3 ni better sket drp yg lepas2..sbb dia xde la lmbab sangat..banyak scene mengejut je..ok la...hehehehee

and tonight we are going to watch Tower Heist...wheee !

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Word-more Wednesday =P

Sebelom ak nk update blog ni..ak ade terbaca pasl bdak dua tahun yang kene langgar tu..skang bdak tu dlm keadaan koma yg teruk plus brain damage yg sgt truk..biase nya..klo servive pun cm mayat idup je..atau da x normal macam org lain..hmm..oke smbung sal entry ni..i woke up late today (as usual ) and rasa lapar dapur pun bnyak da ak siap2 la p JJ je..lgy pun ak xtau la knape..bgn2 je trase cm nk mkn sushi..nk ajk kwan p mkn Sakae ke ape sume tu tp sume ak niat bli kat JJ je lah..smpai2 je ak rasa ak p foodcourt je lah..first thing on my mind is sizzling claypot..i haven't eat this for mkn x hbs sbb muak..wondering cmne la ak leh suke giler mkn benda nie dulu ~

lpas tu ak p window2 je lah ape ade kat situ smbil tunggu my fren rehat i bought this..sje2..xde kje kn.. ~

lpas da lpak2 ngan my fren dia pun nk msuk keje ak pun trus kn niat ak sebenar datang jj ni...nk bli brg2 dapur kn..ak bli skit je x bnyak pun..xreti ape yg ptot ak bli..hahaha

sampai rumah je..terus ak bukak sushi yg ak nk sgt mkn drp td..even sushi x ssdap cm sushi king sume tu tp bleh la sekadar nk lepaskn still xpuas..-.-'

then i did all my routine cm biase..LUV!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Had watched these ~

Mula2 ak tengok crita Dream House ni..ak pun xtau citer ni ade kat pawagam tp layan kn je lah sbb ade fav actor , Daniel ak citer ni best sbb cm pening sket but ending tu sdeyh skit comel giler dak2 kcik yg blakon tu...untung la...kecik2 da pndai belakon..ank sape la.. ~

next 2 days , ak pun tgk la cter yg da lame ak tggu ni..Real Steel..klo ade Hugh Jackman belakon mesti best..i'll rate this 4 out of 5!

spe2 yg da tgk citer ni mesti suke Atom ni kn3? x suke pun buat2 la suke kn3? hahaha

spe2 yg xtgk real steel sila la tgk skarang ! Sekarang ngah tggu movie Immortal ngan Twilight plak..haish x sbar !

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


yup..ak bila xde keje nk buat kat rumah ak suke window shopink on9..sbb ape window je?? sbb ak tkot klo bli barang x sampai kat uma..& without knowing da kene tipu ape sume tu bagai..PLUS..duit xda klo nk bli btol2 pun..bhahahaha..biase la tu..time xda duet sume benda nk bli..bila da ade duet cm nk saving plak..hahahah..ok here we go!


agak melampau la klo ak nk bli yg ni kn..ape tah lagy klo nk pkai necklace ni..segan la!! hahaha

yg ni comel gila tp kesian burung ni kene kn..ak jarang lah nk suke wane gold because i prefer yg ni cm cntik plak..heeeee

yg ni lagy la comel..alololo...duk btenggek plak burung2 tu..klo ak leh cri bende ni memang ak bli lah kot..if x mhal sgt..klo mahal tgk je lah..hahahha

akhirnya jd diri ak blik..back to silver..yg ni pun cantik tp klo nk pkai nampak heavy sket..xsuma outfit bleh blasah ngan necklace nie kn? ermmm


xbnyak plak bracelet yg ak suke..mayb sbb tgk pix on9 je xnmpak sgt cntiknya tuh..yg nie ak suke sbb bnyak colours and at the same time vintage-looking..

yg ni lagy la ak ske..sbb nmpak mmg classic lah bg ak..LUV it!


like i said before..ak jrang minat warne gold tp ring kat bwah ni cntik it fits nearly half of your finger..CUTE! tp skali pndang macam mata org pun ade...oke lain kali kene dua kali pndang bru x nmpak cm mata org..hahahaha

ssh nk jmpe eagle type of ring..sbb biase nya ak jmpe owl type je..sbb skang owl-typed mmg tgh IN xnk cm org len..nk len drp yg len..eagle pun ok ape ...heeehehehe

yg ni ak suke sbb x banyak ring cmni..setakat ni ak xda plak jmpe ring yg bunga dia kat celah jari...biase nya bunga kat ats x sure la bila pakai bende ni selesa ke x...mcm x jek..

sume ni ak survey kat ! chau!

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