Friday, December 31, 2010


My 2010 expenses are RM14 555.46..yeay!!

My 1st room candle =P

Yeah i know..lots of peeps had done this but hey, i don't care..hahah..actually i bought this a week ago & now i got the chances to burn it..*yeay...i bought with the candle "case" just to put on with the's beautiful & it really smells good..luv it!

& this how it looks in the dark~

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Latest fav!

This song got two videos..1 with Kylie Minogue Ft Taio Cruz...but i like Taio Cruz take a look..

Taio Cruz only..i luv this one better bcuz i luv Taio Cruz voice and of course , TRAVIE!

Kylie & Taio Cruz

Pitbull? he so fuckin' damn sexy! *hey,it's my blog..i can swear if i want 2..he's howt! definitely..hahaha

Monday, December 27, 2010

Registration this comin' Thurs

Finally I got my own room..totally mine & only my stuffs that can be found in it..honestly, sharing is not my thing *sorry …but it’s ok if I have 2 share but seems like my 3rd sister wants to stay with my 2nd sister..i just got home about an hour ago from Bangsar & Jalan Duta 2 sttle down about my 2nd sister school registeration or transfer-ation..yeah..the school holidays is about to end..same story with the sem’s break..eventhough I have 2 go 2 the same class again but I’m pretty xcited 2..weird huh? Maybe I’m tired of being bored 2 stay at home thinkin’ wat I’m goin’ 2 do tomorrow * good reason…actually, the 1st thing I hate about registration is 2 face EN.ISA who is so “damn frenly”…so I hope my wish will come true that I don’t have to see him this comin’ Thursday..wish me luck then ~

have been watching this twice~

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

House of night : Chosen

Recently, i've been readin' this's kindda the next episode about the vampire girl , Zoey..the last one is tittled as House of nite : Betrayed which is mostly about her undead fren...i just got this book about 3 days ago if i didn't mistaken..i never thought he would by me this but hey , i got it..tanx!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


These past few weeks had been rough times for me since the result had came out & those relationship things with fren & family...i was about 2 break down..yeah i did..alot i mean..bcause i can't face..the people that i thought would be always stay with me to get through this difficult time seems like they got better things to do..i don't blame...i know there were & still bz for now...i've learnt that you should never hold on to things that you think you can always lean on..i know life need a support..because we depend on each other..but not all things people can understand..however i dun blame them..still...& i'm hopeless because of these..but i know God always be with me..i know i'm kindda not very religious type..but i know the God is giving me this test because God knows i'm stronger than this..but how am i going 2 do this? i mean..alone? i don't know..all i know i got those lil' pieces of me that i need 2 recollect to get through this...& wat about those peeps? should i just forget them? no..because they had taught me alot bout life..but now it's seems like the things ain't the same anymore..& what am i suppose 2 do? i don't know..let the time figure it out for me~~

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Is this the end?

Don't worry..i'm not talkin' bout my result even it's the worst thing happnd in my's morning & i got stomache =.="...& i'm runnin' out of my Royal Jelly *sigh...i need 2 get it 2day! or my skin will be "flawless" like always..i forgot 2 standby pils if i'm facin' situation like this...but i'm always be me who is lazy 2 think about small matter like this *sigh..back 2 the topic..what i'm tryin' 2 say is this the end of our relationship? are we fallin' apart? i dunno..maybe both of us are havin' a hard time..*sigh..alrite..all i know i need 2 use my holidays perfectly without thinkin' much about small things like this..LUV

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Long time

Yesterday me & asiah & nani did went hang out 2gather due to we hadn't met for along time..just hangin' around the Ts & seems like every1 is worryin' bout the registeration for the next sem instead of the result that will come out 2day..=.="..i did had nani's pic but i dunno where is the i just uploaded which those that i got..huhu

Monday, December 6, 2010

Lepak'ing with mama & sistas

Best moment that i had..*spe suh bli burger arab da ssh nk bce pe bnde kat sos 2..haish

Saturday, December 4, 2010

2/12/2010...Bukit Jugra

Nothin' interestin' there except it's 1 of the scariest place..actually me & mama & sisters didn't plan 2 go there..we just wanted 2 see the beach but as we headed home suddenly we felt like wantin' 2 go 2 Bkt, a good place 2 go for a a jog =)

I look fat in this pic T-T

This pic sometimes scares me because as u zoom in & look at my sis's eyes , it looks weird.

December 1, 2010

Me & Ejam did went out find stuff he needed..& we ate Knny Roggers before headin' home..FULL!

Book Of the Month (March) : Too Close To Home By Susan Lewis

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