Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hot Topic : Food!

YES! There's got to be reason why I am who I am today. I'm talking about my weight guys. LOL. I've decided to post about this topic because well, first everyone loves food. Second there are so many food pictures in my phone gallery (so sorry of the pictures' quality) because (call me mental illness whatever) I like to snap picture of my meals. It's nothing personal, I'm just having the moment when the food is served. And I wanna share some of my favorite food that I'd tried.

I like western food and seafood so warning for those who don't like it.


It happened when my family and I went to Sungai Congkak for school project. Woke up in the morning feeling hungry, we went to the nearest stall in search for breakfast. We thought we would have Nasi Lemak or else. But to our surprised, that place only serve burgers and Roti John and Maggie goreng only. Without any choices we ordered burgers and Roti John. The food was fine. The bread was bit crunchy and soft and we can request for extra sauce. Eventhough the food was just fine but the owner was friendly and nice. So yeay for that. Too bad I can't remember the name of the stall. But it's situated at the top and end of the road of Sg. Congkak.

I'll rate this food 3/5! 


For those who had followed me on Facebook and Instagram would have known that I eat this a lot! OMGosh it's the best Curry Mee in the world! I like this very much. The curry was well balanced and not too spicy. My sister also love this Curry Mee too. And the chicken was so delicious. I guess it must be the honey that make it tasted so good? I don't know. I'm not good in figuring this things out. But when you order for the lunch set the curry is lesser than the normal price. Have no fear, it's still tasted the same!

I usually eat it with Pepsi float for my drink to make it tastier. So I'll rate this 5/5 !


It was when me and my boyfriend were going to watch movie but we reached there early. So we decided to dine first. We were in between to choose Chicken Rice Shop or Penang Nyonya. He asked me and I chose Penang Nyonya for no reason actually. LOL. I ordered one set for one person which had Nasi Lemak & Ice Kacang & ice tea for drink.

I'm not a big fan of ice kacang so I gave it to him and he said it tasted good. Then I decided to give it a try. It was good but still not a big fan of ice kacang anyway.

Whenever I went for a restaurant which served Nasi Lemak, I will definitely try it. Because Nasi Lemak is my favourite food besides seafood and western food. The serving was "oh my god I can't wait to eat it" but it was so so only. Not too bad not too good. We wished we had chosen Chicken Rice Shop instead of this one. I'll rate this 2/5!


 I just had my convocation last month so we need to return the jubah and topi back after that. So after we had sent them we went to Setia Alam City Mall. I was so hungry( like always) so he decided to eat at the Fish Manhattan. I was beyond happy to hear that of course lol. We had same mind when we ordered same color drinks.

The left one is Gummy Bear which was blue at first and when he stirred it a bit it turned out green. And mine is Blue Lagoon. His drink tasted unique and yummy and mine tasted just a regular float. Why I always make bad decision? -.-'

He ordered Grilled Gala Platter for our lunch. It was delicious! Seafood & western? Great combo! This picture makes me hungry again. How I wish this one is in front of me right now -.-' . But it's very pricey in Malaysia. It had cost us RM82++ for just two drinks and this. So I decide to have it for celebration only.

I'll rate this 5/5 !


We always wanted to try to eat here but we didn't have much time to go there. But later we finally got to go there and ate! He likes seafood too. So we ordered Dry Spicy Lala , Ketam Sos Special , Baby Kailan Masak Sos Tiram and one plate of rice. The food was insanely delicious especially the crab one!! I really recommend for you guys to come here and check it out yourself!

We only ordered one plate of rice because I was a lil' bit full. But I finished them all anyway lol. We are planning to come here next time when we have the time to eat together.

I'll definitely rate this one 5/5! Thank you for reading. Xoxo.

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