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Hot Topic : Food!

YES! There's got to be reason why I am who I am today. I'm talking about my weight guys. LOL. I've decided to post about this topic because well, first everyone loves food. Second there are so many food pictures in my phone gallery (so sorry of the pictures' quality) because (call me mental illness whatever) I like to snap picture of my meals. It's nothing personal, I'm just having the moment when the food is served. And I wanna share some of my favorite food that I'd tried.
I like western food and seafood so warning for those who don't like it.
It happened when my family and I went to Sungai Congkak for school project. Woke up in the morning feeling hungry, we went to the nearest stall in search for breakfast. We thought we would have Nasi Lemak or else. But to our surprised, that place only serve burgers and Roti John and Maggie goreng only. Without any choices we ordered burgers and Roti John. The food was fine. The bread was bit crunchy …