Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Book Review : Little Sister

I was planning to post this entry in April because it was the book I'd read during the whole month. But I was busy with some trips and volleyball tournament which ended me 3 months late! I'm so sorry.

  So three months ago , I bought this book , Little Sister by Lucy Dawson using book vouchers at Popular bookstore. This book is very 'straight - forward' story. It's about two sisters , Kate and Anya. Both have different personality. Anya is a free spirit girl who loves to travel while Kate has a husband and a baby. In a dead of night , Kate received a phone call telling about her missing sister. Thing got worse when she was found missing in Mexico , miles away from Kate. So this book told the story how Kate tried to search for her sister but she couldn't just went to Mexico because she had a baby to look at and a protective husband who was so worried about her safety. The cover was very compelling to me which hints at something deep and mystery. However , there was no element of suprise to me except that both had lost their sister few years ago that stressed up the story a bit.

However , it's very light reading. The language used is simple and easy to understand. So you (or at least me) don't need to find a quite place to read. So I did brought this book when I was chilling with my sister at Chatime. And I had no trouble reading this in a bit noisy place because it was so easy to understand. My sister brought hers too. She loves to read about paranormal book. She's good in Bahasa Melayu so she prefers this .

We both bought the same drink which is Chocolate-Hazelnut- I- can't remember the last name lol , because we both have same taste and they taste amazinggg! 

Thanks for reading ! Xoxo ~

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