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Book Review : Little Sister

I was planning to post this entry in April because it was the book I'd read during the whole month. But I was busy with some trips and volleyball tournament which ended me 3 months late! I'm so sorry.

  So three months ago , I bought this book , Little Sister by Lucy Dawson using book vouchers at Popular bookstore. This book is very 'straight - forward' story. It's about two sisters , Kate and Anya. Both have different personality. Anya is a free spirit girl who loves to travel while Kate has a husband and a baby. In a dead of night , Kate received a phone call telling about her missing sister. Thing got worse when she was found missing in Mexico , miles away from Kate. So this book told the story how Kate tried to search for her sister but she couldn't just went to Mexico because she had a baby to look at and a protective husband who was so worried about her safety. The cover was very compelling to me which hints at something deep and mystery. However , there …