Monday, January 30, 2012

Look what i found !

It's a RM1 coin! Never thought i would found this!..interesting ! 

It was in's really hard to find RM1 coin nowadays..lucky me ! 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dear Tabung !

Why my tabung is not full yet?..i thought i wanna buy bigger Tabung but my mom said "mampu ke?" ...that's why i bought a smaller one..haish 

Haish lambatnya nak penuh -.-' 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What's in your school bag?? Tag!

Okay here's a tag made by me , myself and i just for fun..It's what's in your school bag after class..i really mean it after class..not that you just put things in your bag and act like "hey this is what i carried to class today"...well it's a big let's start..

So this is my bag that i carried to class's just a cheap one but you can find mostly girls used this as their purse..I like this bag because it fits my books so well and i'm not kind of girl who likes to carry books by holding them..*leceh things to do

 Inside my bag i got my purse and my phone..which are the most important things to carry around.. way back to few months ago , i always forgot to bring my keys so i just attached it with my the keris chain which i bought it at Malacca last year.

My school essentials , of course, calculators because i got Tax class today which i need to do some calculations..pencil case , highlighters and many other stationery stuffs.

This is what I always carry around no matter where I am going..actually it's a gift from some sort of friends, it's cute but got no sentimental value (sorry =P)

So inside the black case , i got Hand Sanitizer , Eclipse which is very useful when I'm in class to avoid sleepy head , perfumes , oil control film , tissues , lip balm , small hair clip and lipstick..I rarely use my lipstick when I'm going to class..i don't know why it's in that case..random

 my empty spec spec inside beacause i'm using it right now..

 my pinky water bottle..because it's getting hot's a must bring girls!

 I bought this from Dhamirah so that's why it's in my bag..

 Umbrella..we should be prepared guys

Random receipt..

and of course..books!
so i wanna tag

so what's in your bag guys??

Monday, January 2, 2012

End of 2011

On 30th December 2011 Ejam and me went to Malacca in order to celebrate the year end of we went departed at nearly 3 pm from Kuala Lumpur..the traffic was we reached at the hotel at almost 5 pm..

On my way to my hotel room 


so the first thing i saw when i entered my room was this little tea corner with two mineral water on top of it..

Tea Corner

In the hotel room
 after that i got ready to go Jalan2 around Kota Melaka by walking because walking is good for exercise plus the parking lots seem full and that's why we decided to just walk..

Near the Jejak Warisan Heritage
We walked near the Jejak Warisan Heritage but decided to just watched it from outside the gate because we want to go to small hill behind the Afamosa

On top of Bukit St Paul
It really sweats me out when i tried to reach on the top but still it's a good exercise (positive thinking as posibble ). The view was great and breath taking ..

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