Thursday, August 27, 2009

~faSting mOnth~

Fasting month has arrived..need 2 fast n forget about the food 4 the whole day..very tired but i really like when i break my fast with my's really the way, it's only a month in a year..
soon aidilfitri will arrive and i'm looking forward about that..
so i want 2 wish all friends "happy fasting month!"
love from me...ann/rai

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

bZ weEk..

This week is really bz 4 me..not that i didn't have much time 2 sleep..but i'v already miss so many things like in my stdies..and not 2 forget about the common test..
i rarely get into on9 lately..due 2 some problem with my broadband...
missing my roomate , Bella..when u'll be coming back? who's gonna deal with nigga if u aren't here with me...and who's gonna chill my life if it's not u?
can't wait 4 u 2 come back..

i guess that's all...i need 2 finished my homework now cuz there would be discussion 2morrow...
hope my mom will be visiting me 2day..cuz i need that book..
good bye then..happy fasting month from me...ann /rai

Friday, August 14, 2009

FeeLin' LiKe GiVin' Up...

I just recover from my bad fever was a very hard time 4 me as i miss so many classes..i'd missed my 1 chapter accountancy subject..and my broadband doesn't work so well so i had 2 online in here , cc..
i feel like giving up in my studies because it had been one week i didn't enter my frens starting 2 miss me i guess...and i didn't know about the things had happened around me..
and also not 2 forget about so many xsigment that need 2 be done..not yet including my revision that need 2 be done..i guess i'm gonna b bz this weekend..and sorry 4 my fren bella..maybe i'm not going 2 watch movies with you this weekend..but i try 2 make it 4 you..i really need some colours 2 get my life back 2 normal from me..bye..
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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Out Of the Plan

Heartunfinished food from Black Canyon CoffeeHeart

2day, me n my closest fren plan up 2 go 2 PWTC but unfortunately we can't follow the plan.. so we went 2 jj Bkit Tggi , Klang.. At 1st we went 2 buy my fren's outfit for about an hour.. n i was rowing around waiting 4 my fren 2 make decision about it.. then , we all felt hungry n headed 2 Black Canyon Coffee.. and the food weren't so bad as we were very hungry lol.. but be4 that we went 2 buy shoes... n i was given some good books for my studies.. thanx dear!

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