Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Favourite Songs of The Month - January 2017

Hi guys! 

It's so good to be back! I had taken a break last year for me to focus on my career. I love my job so much that it was a struggle for me to let go since the distance wasn't convenient for me anymore plus with other issues as well. It took one & half hour for me to go to work and more than two hours for me to reach home. Crazy right? Anyway,my work was more into being an "International Diplomat" where I got to learn on how to communicate with them professionally. I enjoyed it so much that sometimes I forgot that I was working.

Let's talk about music! 

Since I have a very high interest on Spanish songs because they are more "dance-able" and fun to listen to compared to English songs. So please bear with me.

I discovered Maluma since end of last year and I think he has an amazing voice. Some says he looks like Zayn Malik , only it's a chubbier version of him. Yea right. He has so many great songs but this one is my favourite. Take a listen to it.

Sin Contrato by Maluma

Ed Sheeran never fails to amaze me. I think this guy is beautiful because every song he wrote has beautiful message in it. He's the only artist that can talk about woman's body without being sexual. And currently I'm addicted to this song, 

Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran.

I never listen to Anne Marie song before and in this video clip she looks a lot like Khloe Kardashian to me. The song is so catchy and fun even though it's about a single mom who struggles to make life good for her baby. Love it!

Rockabye Baby - Anne Marie & Sean Paul & Clean Bandit

And lastly are two my favourite songs that are just so much fun to listen to because of the beats!

J Balvin - Safari ft. Pharrell Williams, BIA, Sky


I don't know much about him but he looks more like a Filipino to me rather than a typical Spanish guy. But his song is all that matter!

MC G15 - Deu Onda (KondZilla)

I am so excited for my Langkawi Island trip with all my friends this weekend and we will be departed tonight. I have so much to blog about and will update it once I get back from the trip.

Have  a great day and weekend too!

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