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Favourite Songs of The Month - January 2017

Hi guys! 
It's so good to be back! I had taken a break last year for me to focus on my career. I love my job so much that it was a struggle for me to let go since the distance wasn't convenient for me anymore plus with other issues as well. It took one & half hour for me to go to work and more than two hours for me to reach home. Crazy right? Anyway,my work was more into being an "International Diplomat" where I got to learn on how to communicate with them professionally. I enjoyed it so much that sometimes I forgot that I was working.
Let's talk about music! 
Since I have a very high interest on Spanish songs because they are more "dance-able" and fun to listen to compared to English songs. So please bear with me.

I discovered Maluma since end of last year and I think he has an amazing voice. Some says he looks like Zayn Malik , only it's a chubbier version of him. Yea right. He has so many great songs but this one is my favourite. Take a list…