Saturday, March 24, 2012


Fullhouse will always gonna be my favourite when i went to Sunway's not like we don't have Fullhouse here in KL..i just like it there we went there in early March..I can't remember the exact day..I'm kind of soup person..I'll definitely like to go to any restaurant which has Mushroom soup or chicken soup..but I think Fullhouse is the best in serving I did ordered Chicken taste so delicious and yummy!!

 And I also ordered Carbonara's a bit oily if being compared to Pizza Hut but still yummy !


And my boyfriend did ordered this ..look kinda delicious but makan banyak2 memang muak ah -.-'..I can't remember the name..but it's kind of seafood because it got oyster and some sort of it..

So this is my bos...enjoying the soup..while waiting for his meal..

And lastly , me , fatty fat enjoying the meals too..heeee

I'm in the middle of examination so I still got 2 papers left before my holidays..I really can't for that day to please2 wish me luck for my exam..thanks =D

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

RM200 of Book Vouchers ~

Everyone who's in college or universities will get this book I got mine a bit late..around late February but never least I got the vouchers right? I went to Popular at Sunway Pyramid because I have the membership card so that I get discounts ,  with my boyfriend last three weeks ago if I didn't mistaken..

So I bought 3 novels because I love reading novels sooo much especially about Vampires and Wolves stuff but I can't find any my favourite there..It's weird because I did surveyed them I got myself more into Wizards / Witches and I still enjoy reading these what I bought with my vouchers..I bought envelopes cause I will be writting to my friends pretty soon! Writting a letter seems more fun rather than emailing for me ~

My boyfriend also bought his and I also bought fans that we put under your lappy and I bought 3 packets of A4 papers for my mama because she does a lot of printing for her paper/school that's all what I did to my vouchers =D

Monday, March 5, 2012

Pot Luck !

Last Friday , I  had a feast with all my friends and all my lectures..we called it Pot was fun and the food were great ! So at first we made preparation and i just helped with the balloons eventhough I'm afraid of balloons actually..never mind..

When we had done with the decorations..the food finally arrived and my stomach was so happy about it..yeay =D

We got oranges , watermelons , caramel pudings for our dessert..unfortunately I didn't get the chance to eat the pudings T-T

I never expected that we would had pizza for our feast..Thanks to those who sponsored these..

yummy fried chickens !

I wish i can snap all the food in one picture..haish

This is what i had during the pot luck...Full!

Me and Asiah enjoying our meal..I love Pizza!

Thank You guys for being such a great friends and wish all the best for upcoming exams..never thought last minute plan would be so great ! & not to forget thank you to all lectures for coming to our pot luck !

Love You Guys!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Good Night !

Today I had Pot Luck with all my friends..It was fun..I'll blog about it tomorrow cause I wanna have my own quality time now...Hot chocolate and a The Accidental Sorcerer by K.E.Mills novel make my raining night becomes perfect ! Precious moment ~

Good night =)

Lunchies with teammates / classmates !

Yesterday , I had my lunch with my team mates / classmates at the nearest Pizza Hut after our hard work doing the ETR presentation..

So these are Syita & Yanti enjoying their chicken wings..I can see how hungry they were while waiting for their main menu..

so this is Syita's main menu , she choose Meatball Cabonara..I don't know how it tastes like because I don't eat meat.!

and here is Din Gaga aka Ct Gaga drinking his favourite Chocolate drink that he always talked about on our way to have Pizza!

Look at Syita's happy face when she got her meatballs

It is always a must have for me  to have Prawn King whatever-i can't even remember the name-and ending up allergic for my whole body..great !

Me and Hairi enjoying our lunch !

It was weird because we got more bread sticks than we had ordered..never mind ~

By looking at this picture we can conclude that he hadn't eaten for past few he end up eating like this..

Thank you everyone for having lunch with me ! Never know we are a great team until now! Love you guys !

Thursday, March 1, 2012

ETR Assignment!

Finally, we had done the ETR assignment that had caused some serious stress over passed two weeks..but it was a fun time , spending with your last semester friends..we had done TREELOVE Collection as our we started making our product by using recycled materials..we have used ice cream sticks to decorate one of our some sort of collections.

we decided to make a tree and it ended like this..I don't know why but it reminded me of I-city in Shah Alam..

so here is the close up of our materials , that are ice cream sticks


This is me doing our brochure as part of our assignment..we started in the evening until was a long day!

 So next day or two , we started making our second collection..we focused more on female cloth..we had used pieces of tins and some small sticks..


 so here is the result! 

so these are small pieces of tins that we used to decorate the cloth..actually these things did cut my fingers so many times..lucky me the judges didn't question about it =D

Look how details of this design made by Din Gaga & Fikri (who was a non-official group member ).. we presented on Monday night at LT2 ..I was so nervous at first but when I stood at the front the calm feeling suddenly touched me at the moment..and i guess I did well on my presentation..fuh !

so these were our collections that were displayed during my presentation..thanks to Nizam for letting me borrowed his scary patungsss.. -.-'

so this is the picture after we had done our presentation..yeay!!

 so Thank You to my friends , especially to Syita for you creative designs , Din Gaga for "exploading" our team , Yanti for you materials and Khairi for making the layouts and all those stuff..thanks for becoming my last team group member for this sem..! Love you guys !

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