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Ulu Yam Part 3 ( Last part)

In case you haven't read about previous part so here's the link.
Part 1 Part 2
So the next day , we woke up early to play games before head home..To be honest I hate to wake up early. Plus we slept late before that. But YOLO  , so we just did it lol..some of us were setting up the games and the rest took the opportunity to nap.

We were getting ready for aerobic and for some dancing move like "poco-poco" which I'm suck at it. It's just very difficult for me to follow. It's weird because I had no problem with my aerobic class at the gym before.

My favourite part was when we were chasing and running around in order to blow up others balloon. It was so funny because what I did was screaming for help while running but no one came which was hopeless lol !
After that we took our late lunch and got ready to head home. We took last picture of us together which will always gonna be one of the best memories. 

Thank you friends for being part of my life and for being su…

Amazingly Dark

Someone had posted this on my facebook and I thought I wanna share it here because I quiet like it ~

There once was a crooked man,
Who found a crooked cat,
On a crooked stoll,
He took the crooked cat,
Back to the crooked house,
The crooked cat,
Caught a crooked mouse,
And they live happily ever after.....

Or so he thaught,
But looking back at his life,
Alone noe to love nor friends or a wife,
He is miserable a life,
Which croked,
The soul of love in a condition so wicked,
Retched and threaten by hatered,
Petty soul,
No gold,
He cried,
And hung himself.....
Deep down in our soul every single one of us has a crooked man

by  : Rap Romacne

Take a moment

Let's take a moment and appreciate when suddenly things go wrong. There's a saying " If no ups and downs in your life , that's mean you're dead ". Sometimes , all we have to do is just stop and step back to realize what's happening around us. Don't make "one thing" becomes "your everything'. Appreciate those people who always have your back. I'm thankful to have god , mama , sister , boyfriend and supportive friends. No matter how many you've tried , how many times you fell sometimes there's "no give up" in life.. ~

p/s Those pictures ain't mine ~

Ulu Yam Part 2

Hi guys! How's your day? I just came back home from Genting Highland. It was fun and calming. BUT I gotta pack my things up again tomorrow because I have to stay in hostel for like three days and next week for fitness and volleyball practice. I don't know why it's a must for us stay in hostel like my house is only minutes away la. BUT you know , man gotta do what man gotta do (bhaaha ). Luckily , I still can spend my weekend at home or at grandma's. So it isn't that bad. Hopefully.
So let's continue with the Ulu Yam camping part. The next day , after we had breakfast , which took us , girls hours to cook due to some circumstances , we were ready for jungle trekking. I was a bit afraid , well not that afraid because the last time I did this was five-six years ago. I didn't think I still had the stamina for this but it was fine. I was being too much like always LOL. It took only around 45 minutes for us to finish it.
We were reciting a prayer for a safe jungle…