Thursday, December 20, 2012

Small Watsons Haul

Hi everyone..I woke up so early today which I did it once in a blue moon. As I'm writing this I'm watching finale episode of Gossip Girl. I don't care if I'm being a spoiler or whatever but Dan Humpfrey is the Gossip Girl and suddenly I'm tired with this world (okay that's too much). I think Georgina Sparks really did rock with black hair and I love her eyes too. Okay enough let's get to the point. Last two days I was running out of my body essentials. So the best shop to get these things is of course Watsons.

I always need bunch of tissues in my room because to be honest I like to eat on my desk which is also in my room. So that I can eat while surfing the net or reading novels. I know it's a bad habit but thank you. Being clumsy is never easy because I always spill everything while I'm eating. So these tissues become in handy. Disposal thing shouldn't be pricey you know.

Next I get myself blackhead removal. The reason why I bought Watsons brand is because I'm experimenting it. I think it will not turn out good but who knows.

Lately , I got so many big pimples on my face which worry me maybe due to some stress but I  really don't know what I'm stressing for right now. I was running out of face moisturiser and usually I use Garnier but it left my face oily. So I need a new type one, Simple. I've tried it on thrice and I love it ! My skin feels hydrated and most importantly oil free. I shoud've tried it before.

Again I was running out of hair conditioner and Loreal will always be my favourite for my hair.

This is my first time using Curl Power by Loreal. Before this I use the one which I bought together when I did my hair at saloon which is good but sticky which I hate the most. But this curl power is not sticky and make the curls softer. Have to say this is the most favourite items I'd purchased for this haul.

And I got 3 more items which I can't show'em here because it's too personal. Thank you so much for reading this..Love !

Monday, December 17, 2012

Follow me !

Hi there! Just wanna post short update here. Lately I love to take a lot of pictures. Not camwhoring of course but I feel inspire to capture the beauty of life. To know that there are many small things happen that I didn't notice. I wanna see another scope of life , another perspective of world and later find out life is wonderful and everything is beautiful in this world. So I've made my Tumblr account (since I don't have Instagram which is kind of sad ) so that I can share what I had captured with my cheap lens and shorter post rather than here in blogspot. I may not as good as professional photographer but the main point is to capture life. So here's some pictures you can find at my Tumblr.


So here's the link of my Tumblr Rai901
Feel free to follow mine and if you have beautiful things to share please feel free to do so. Thank you so much! Love ~

Friday, December 7, 2012

Short Gateaway Part 2

Hi guys ! I'm so sorry for the late update about the second part. I was a bit busy with new classes which I had to skip due to emergency but don't worry everything's fine now. And another reason why my blog post is late because I have to upload the pictures and edit'em , put borders and download them and upload them back in my blog post so it takes few weeks for me to get it done plus with slow internet access , life just ain't easy sometimes..okay back to my short trip to Malacca case you don't know what I am babbling about so here is the first part ..

After we had reached at our hotel we took about an hour to rest , to shower and get ready for our next plan because staying in a car within 3-4 hours could be tiring sometimes hahah. The best thing about staying in this hotel is because it is situated in the middle of historical place so we decided to just walk. And you can pay the tricycle-taxi-type to bring you around the Dataran if you just lazy to walk.

It was evening and the weather was just nice for us to walk and saw the nice view of Malacca. It's a minor crowded there might be due to school holidays but it made the place looks warming and fun. Took some pictures of me before I sweat and looked like crap hahah. And why the camera is not focusing on me?? No idea why it did focused that couple behind me plus my camera seems to be like more interesting of them instead of me -.-'

One of the old buildings there with so many flags in front of it.

Picture of me standing in front of A Famosa ..hey ! At least this one did focused on me instead of the previous one! Sorry for that awkward pose , tried my best to look slimmer in picture since I've gained weight which I'm not going to babbling about it here..and don't tell me I look just fine , I've calculated my BMI and I'm officially overweight tsk tsk ..alright NEXT !

 So this is A Famosa, or "The Famous" in Portuguese, is one of the oldest surviving remnants of European architecture in Asia. Once part of a mighty fortress, this tiny gate (called the Porta de Santiago) is all that history has spared. For more information about this A famosa you can check it here

This is The Malay and Islamic World Museum. Unfortunately we reached there late so we didn't had time to go in and check out what's interesting sad =(  well maybe next time.

 We walked and later found more tricyles with creative decorations waiting for the passengers. They were quit warm and surprisingly , easy to talk to.

After a long walk , might be two hours of walking I was so hungry and we went to Mcd to have our early dinner. I always been craving for Mcfloats at that time but unfortunately the ice cream machine was out of service..too bad we couldn't but ice creams too.So we just had sets Chicken Mcdeluxe and enjoyed the nice view while eating which was a perfect moment for me.

Then after we were fulled with burgers , fries and cokes we continued our walk..I'm not sure what building is this..we just randomly snapped the pictures there..

And here is the replica of  old airplane I guess..LOL..I didn't had much time at that time so I just snapped the pictures and move to our next place. So sorry T-T. Thank you for reading this entry. I'll try my best to update the next part as soon as possible. Promise..Xoxo !

Monday, November 26, 2012

Short gateway Part 1

Hi everyone! How's your weekend? Mine , had spent great time at the gym and did helped my grandmother to reorganize the was fun and I love it when I sweat a lot..trying to exercise and having good lifestyle lately. Last weekend I went for a short gateway to Malacca for two days & one night only. I've lots lots of pictures about my vacation trip so I have to post it in different here's the part 1..I don't know why I was so lazy to make my hair done might be I was in sorrow about what happened in Gaza so I just side braided my hair.

The journey took about 3 to 4 hours and I was so boring so I did nothing but camwhoring hahah..I didn't wear much make up..I just wanted to enjoy being lazy and watched the pouring rain season.

I worn my stack bracelets because I was just feeling like doing so hahah

After a few hours we finally reached Malacca and I was so excited after camwhoring with tons of pictures in the car. Malacca is always be one of my favourite place to much to much to see and at some point , raining season made it even better.

But unfortunately it was super packed with traffic jam and we spent nearly half an hour on the road at the entrance of Malacca =(

But we finally made it..and of course Equatorial Hotel would be the's the most strategical place to erm you know..sleep (you can tell I've no idea to write haha ) because it's very near to A-famosa , malls and many other interesting only just have to walk.

Main entrance of the hotel

Checked in done and straight to the room..and can you guess what happened next?? I took a lots of pictures of everything..well mostly pictures of me to be exact hahaha..whoa my left eye looks scary there o.0"

Another picture of me

And another picture of me *yawn

Finally , it's the picture of the room..I don't know if this is some sort of tips or what but if you want soft and comfy pillows , use the pillows in the closet and throw the pillows on bed away and you'll fall in deep sleep without hesitation haha

In the toilet

Some refreshment corner !

and it got small refrigerator below it..

For more info of the hotel please visit HERE

Till then that's all for my part one..I'll be updated my next post soon..thank you so much for reading this..LUV ! 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Nescafe on the Life

Hi everyone! How are you guys been doing?? Okay , here's the thing..imagine what would you do if you were given RM500 cash ?? I don't know about you boys would do..but we as girls of course the word "shopping" would be the first thing on our mind!! Imagine how we are gonna spend with the money plus with the year end sale?? It would be perfect !!

And you'll get new handbag , new shoes & heels , clothes , dress , new ermm..I mean everything you want & look great by new year with new spirit ! Isn't life great ?? Alright let's get back to reality , here's how you you gonna stand a chance to win RM500 ! You only need two steps , I know it's two steps only..easy right??

First click THIS to go to the site..

Then you'll see this page !

  How to join?? Follow the instructions..choose one of the aspiration that best represent you ! As for me I'll choose Collector of sights !

Then take photo of it and upload it via Instagram..EASY ! You know what , you guys are lucky to have Instagram..I'm a Blackberry user so I don't have Instagram...yeah I know , my life's suck sometimes but hey you guys will have one less competitors right?? hahah..

And for more info to win Cash and Prizes worth a total of RM28 000 , please visit their facebook HERE

Till then , good luck guys !

Thursday, November 8, 2012

October Favourites

Hi guys ! October had been a hectic month (at least for the first two weeks ) for me because it was the month when I took my exam. Not many of my friends had their birthdays on October which was erm ..ermm..good?? LOL ! Okay here we go for my October Favourites !

Last month I'd been craving for street food a lot..Seriously I had no idea why..It was just sometimes street food are so deli deli delicious yo..but I ate "Jagung Bakar " a lot last month..again I had no idea why..It was just random..who else love "Jagung Bakar" during raining season?? Put yo hands up !

And for my favourite book of October is People and Great Deeds by Yvonne Beckwith..It is an old book..since 1971 which mean it is (let me find calculator ) 41 years old ! Whoa..It was a gift from my grandfather when I was in my childhood..This book really inspired me last month like I should believe in what I do eventhough people will find it's I like to read it a lot!

And for my favourite top of the month was this Peter Pan Collar White Singlet..I only got this for RM10-RM15 only..might be my only favourite Peter Pan Collar top because wearing this was so not me haha..oh well ~

These two drinks were my favourite ! I love chocolate drink so much because I don't drink coffee and juices? would be my last choice too ..So Chocolate Cream Chip from Starbuck & Chocolate Hazel Milk Tea are always my top choices..Since Starbuck drink is a bit pricey (yes , I'm that poor =P ) I'll try to switch to Chatime drink this month..because I'm kind of person who love to buy the large one so Chatime is cheaper..does it makes any sense?? haha 

 This is my favourite part of October..I love love loovvveee Pretty Little Liars ! These girls are pretty and pretty hair and pretty eyes and many more! I love kind of dark - mysterious show so I'd been watching this a lot..Oh by the way , my favourite girls are Hanna ( the blonde one ) & Aria (cute baby face look ).

*I collage pictures from Google 

And my favourite song was Earthquake by Labrinth Ft Tinie Tempah..I've been playing this song for gazilion times I guess because I know..can't stop myself from listening nice music

I don't have favourite cosmetic products of the month because basically they are always the same every what's your October favourite?? Please let me know because I would love to know what's yours ! Bye !

Saturday, November 3, 2012

My drawing ~

Hello everyone ! When I woke up this morning I got an email from Nuffnang about Comic Bloggers Gathering & I have to make my own comic in order to join it..and I was like naahh..I won't join it..the point is I can't draw! I don't know why I got completely zero talent while my sister is so very good at drawing ..then I accidentally read a quote saying "You should do the things you think you can not do" & I was like why not??!

Talking about drawing it really brings back some memories when I was in secondary school..all students had to attend drawing class before some of us would be divided and would be attending music class which I was not good either ! So first class we were asked to sketch pictures of fruits..I hate it so much..when the teacher asked to submit it , I lied by telling her I already submitted my teacher was like "really ? I can't find your drawing" and I acted real well so at last my teacher decided to just give B+ for that assignment..I was so happy but I know it was wrong and I promised myself no matter what I won't lie if she reads this I would be dead LOL haha ~

So this what I come out with..

I know I drawing is really-really bad..I'm sorry you guys have to see this -.-''s not really a comic type drawing but that's all I can came out with..huhu

Sorry for my weird expression..was trying hard not to laugh -.-'

I always love gathering..the best part is I love to meet new people especially bloggers..honestly I get a bit jealous ( a bit okay ) when I read about other bloggers blogged about Churpout and joining other cool's awesome when you can share a lot of things to other bloggers..but I know , new blogger like me would have small  chance..maybe tiny minie chance of it..but oh well I just try my luck here ..till then bye guys..thanks for reading =)

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Hi's your day?? Mine , nothings special as I just stay at home doing daily routine and house works..I know most of you have known about but this is still new for me..hence I wanna blog about it so that it will become useful for people who doesn't know about this site..Actually I accidentally found this site..if you are looking for followers or you just wanna meet all the blogger around the world this is exactly the place for you this the homepage of

As I told you earlier , this is a place where you can find bloggers from all around the clicking Bloggers by country tab you'll have lots of countries for you to choose ! Is that awesome?? Like you can read peoples' blog and their perspective around the world with so many races and more !

Plus , you can ask about bloggers' and their opinions..mostly I found bloggers who write about beauty , health and weight loss which are very helpful to me ..

So I made my account just to try my luck here and did make friends with some of bloggers there which is so much fun !

So guys check out and sign up at now ! Bye =)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nail Art

I always love nails art..I love scary cartoons but yet still cute like in the pictures I wish I can do this on my own without asking my sister to cute ! 

I love this one the most..spiderweb , skulls , black cat , witches & pumpkins..someone please do this for me !

p/s pictures from Google ~

Friday, October 12, 2012

Celebrating Asiah's Birthday !

This was three weeks ago and finally I have time to blog about this..fuh..what a late post..anyway ,  it was a fun gathering. We were six at that time and can you imagine how we could fit in a car?? (hahah) Asiah , Nani and me met at the LRT station..lucky me I got Nani to go with me before we met Asiah , as I'm "brave" enough to go alone right?? (hahah)..and the best part was we met Melanie , her borther (Arfan I think is his name) and her girlfriend Bee..Both Arfan & Bee were nice even though that was our first time meeting..but before that we had to wait for them to reach we waited at the Mamak..

Like always , when my friends wanted to hang out first thing on my mind was..what to wear?? So i decided to wear whatever lah as long as I looked confident (even though I'm not hahha)

So this is Nani & Asiah , when they had arrived to pick us up..we're trying our best to fit in the car.. and guess we were good at everyone!

We headed to IKEA as the birthday girl wanted to eat meatballs so we were like okay ( do we got any choice? ) haha

So this is Melanie and the birthday girl , Asiah..this place is not much a place for me as it is always major major pack with I don't eat meat so bye bye meatballs *sobs sobs

So since I can't eat meatballs I only enjoyed eating this cake and the soup..and I'm done..

These were the meals we had had..can you see lots of meatballs there?? Trust me , Nani had her hardest time to finish'em all.. I asked Melanie to snap my pic because hey I wanna be in the pictures too! So the result was below and it was hilarious to see Nani spontaneous like that hahah..It was really a good time though!

This is Melanie's brother..he was nice and polite I guess to hang out with us 

As we were eating , laughing & chit-chating , someone came out of nowhere suddenly fell and knocked Melanie's head..can you believe that ??  Like how lucky she is right? (hahaha)

So we snapped few pictures before heading home with our-own-type of posing-whatever haha

It was fun as we were laughing non stop even though we were about to go home friends!

 Thank You Melanie , Nani , Asiah and Bee for driving us to IKEA and for spending time with me..hope we can have more hang out like this so that I can blog it about..haha..kidding !

Have you guys watched the new season 4 of Vampire Diaries ?? You should watch them online now as I love to watch Damon Salvatore..haha..alright BYE =)

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