Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Used Products

Hi everyone! First of all I would like to apologize for bad lighting pictures and with zero editing skills , I don't know how to make them look better. I try to get as much as natural lighting I can. But with recent weather of raining and next minutes it's nice and sunny, it's really hard to predict. 
So move to the products that I've used, I'm not a products junkie as I'm lazy to apply them all but here are some that I manage to use in daily basis. I have this yellow basket where I keep products that I think worth for previews and comments.

  • Loreal Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo really works well for my hair. It makes my hair feel so smooth and I always buy the big size as it last more than a month to me. 
  • As what I've said before, my skin is so sensitive that I can't use normal soap for bathing as my skin will turn red and itchy. Eucerin Wash lotion is specially for sensitive skin like mine! It works well and leave my skin without drying out but the down part is it's a bit pricey.
  • Garnier Pure Active Foam really did a great job to my face and I kept repurchasing this. Pimples vanish just a day only!
  • Veet shower hair removal cream doesn't works for me. It leaves my skin so dry even though it comes with moisturize complex. Not gonna buy this again for sure.

  • Reason why I bought this Clean & Clear face wash is because the colour is so attractive with green apples scent. But too bad it doesn't works well as it looks. Pimples starting to grow after I wash my face with this.
  • Both spray deodorant from Nivea don't last long to me. I also don't like the smell of them. No repurchasing.

  • The Nivea deodorant stick works just fine to me. Not too bad but not too good.
  • The liquid deodorants works the best and my favorite is the invisible for black and white as it leave no mark on my shirts and blouses. Good!
  • Both Vaseline and Nivea body lotion works just fine for me. They don't absorb much on my skin and sticky which I hate it the most. Not gonna buy these again. 

  • Simple Oil Balancing Moisturizer works like magic on my face. It absorb quickly to my skin and prevent my face from oily.

  • Bio-Oil. No words for this but PERFECT! It reduces the dark spot and scar but too pricey.

  • I've been wearing contact lens for about five months and this Complete Solution works well. They don't irritate my eyes and did great job in cleaning my lens. Bought two size. One for my room and one for me to carry wherever I go.

  • I don't know if this Ayur Slim product works well on me. I only eat it for a month and don't repurchase it because I believe in exercise rather relying on diet pills. But it still helps me with digestion though.

  • The red small bottle is a cream lotion for super sensitive skin and works like magic. It's really hard to find it in pharmacies. I have to order it two weeks earlier before I get it.Plus it's only RM7! 

    • Aqua Lily Body Mist from Body Shop is my current favorite. It smells so good and it last me the whole day!

    • Sweet Honesty from Avon is always my all time favorite scent. Definitely gonna use this for the rest of my life.
    Thanks for reading!

    Saturday, October 11, 2014

    Fit Malaysia 2014

    Hi guys! I know it's a late update but with works & study & moving to a new house, it's hard for me to steal the time to blog. So sorry bout that. On early of September my sister & I went to a fitness program held at Dataran Merdeka. We decided to wake up early but well it's hard to wake up early especially on weekends. Who does that anyway? LOL.

    We went there by LRT and stopped at Masjid Jamek. It was 10mins of walking distance from LRT Masjid Jamek to Dataran Merdeka. 

    It got so many programs that we could join but since Nina & I love Zumba so much, we decided to go for it.

    We were very lucky because the day was great & we got the chance to meet new people with different backgrounds. 

    Everyone seemed to have a great time there and to my surprise the place was rubbish free. Everyone were acting very good by throwing the rubbish in the dustbins that were provided by the organizer. 

    One of the best reason we joined this program was because everything were free! We got free Revive Isotonic drink , mineral water and food for free. 

    Later after we were done with Zumba, we met a few of students who were doing interviews for their school projects. So here's the picture of Nina being interviewed by them. Both of them are Lim Kok Wing students & they were very nice!

    The place got so much things going on at the same time. There was a group of musician playing their drums & everything. We watched it for a few minutes & enjoyed the music & it was fun! 

    Picture of Nina trying to capture the nice view of sky.

    After 4 hours, we were very hungry. So Nina & me went for our lunch & later we headed home because we were both very exhausted. 
    The best part of this day was, I got to spend with Nina for our sisters bonding and had a lot fun. It was a great day & I'm blessed!


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