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Sweet memories ~

Thank you guys for being part of my life you guys !

Nail Art

I always love nails art..I love scary cartoons but yet still cute like in the pictures I wish I can do this on my own without asking my sister to cute ! 

I love this one the most..spiderweb , skulls , black cat , witches & pumpkins..someone please do this for me !

p/s pictures from Google ~

Celebrating Asiah's Birthday !

This was three weeks ago and finally I have time to blog about this..fuh..what a late post..anyway ,  it was a fun gathering. We were six at that time and can you imagine how we could fit in a car?? (hahah) Asiah , Nani and me met at the LRT station..lucky me I got Nani to go with me before we met Asiah , as I'm "brave" enough to go alone right?? (hahah)..and the best part was we met Melanie , her borther (Arfan I think is his name) and her girlfriend Bee..Both Arfan & Bee were nice even though that was our first time meeting..but before that we had to wait for them to reach we waited at the Mamak..

Like always , when my friends wanted to hang out first thing on my mind was..what to wear?? So i decided to wear whatever lah as long as I looked confident (even though I'm not hahha)

So this is Nani & Asiah , when they had arrived to pick us up..we're trying our best to fit in the car.. and guess we were good at everyone!

We headed to IKEA …