Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nail Art

I always love nails art..I love scary cartoons but yet still cute like in the pictures I wish I can do this on my own without asking my sister to cute ! 

I love this one the most..spiderweb , skulls , black cat , witches & pumpkins..someone please do this for me !

p/s pictures from Google ~

Friday, October 12, 2012

Celebrating Asiah's Birthday !

This was three weeks ago and finally I have time to blog about this..fuh..what a late post..anyway ,  it was a fun gathering. We were six at that time and can you imagine how we could fit in a car?? (hahah) Asiah , Nani and me met at the LRT station..lucky me I got Nani to go with me before we met Asiah , as I'm "brave" enough to go alone right?? (hahah)..and the best part was we met Melanie , her borther (Arfan I think is his name) and her girlfriend Bee..Both Arfan & Bee were nice even though that was our first time meeting..but before that we had to wait for them to reach we waited at the Mamak..

Like always , when my friends wanted to hang out first thing on my mind was..what to wear?? So i decided to wear whatever lah as long as I looked confident (even though I'm not hahha)

So this is Nani & Asiah , when they had arrived to pick us up..we're trying our best to fit in the car.. and guess we were good at everyone!

We headed to IKEA as the birthday girl wanted to eat meatballs so we were like okay ( do we got any choice? ) haha

So this is Melanie and the birthday girl , Asiah..this place is not much a place for me as it is always major major pack with I don't eat meat so bye bye meatballs *sobs sobs

So since I can't eat meatballs I only enjoyed eating this cake and the soup..and I'm done..

These were the meals we had had..can you see lots of meatballs there?? Trust me , Nani had her hardest time to finish'em all.. I asked Melanie to snap my pic because hey I wanna be in the pictures too! So the result was below and it was hilarious to see Nani spontaneous like that hahah..It was really a good time though!

This is Melanie's brother..he was nice and polite I guess to hang out with us 

As we were eating , laughing & chit-chating , someone came out of nowhere suddenly fell and knocked Melanie's head..can you believe that ??  Like how lucky she is right? (hahaha)

So we snapped few pictures before heading home with our-own-type of posing-whatever haha

It was fun as we were laughing non stop even though we were about to go home friends!

 Thank You Melanie , Nani , Asiah and Bee for driving us to IKEA and for spending time with me..hope we can have more hang out like this so that I can blog it about..haha..kidding !

Have you guys watched the new season 4 of Vampire Diaries ?? You should watch them online now as I love to watch Damon Salvatore..haha..alright BYE =)

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