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Had watched these ~


IJAS Netball

Last Sunday..I did accompany my aunty and her netball groups in Banting..the reason why I didn't join playing netball was because I'm still not good enough..but it was fun watching a netball match while I enjoyed sipping my 100plus..hahha..

That "GS" girl is Maisarah..she's the funniest of them all..she is so spontaneous and talks alot..but I still like her..and she's of course a good shooter ~

Our netball groups consist of two IJAS Senior & Ijas those blue one were our IJAS Junior..

This was the final match ..the reason why we didn't win this match was because ..can't you see a girl on the right sight over there?? She is soo tall..and of course taller than me..

we only got at 2nd place but still we were very happy about here are some pictures before we headed for our lunch !

Netball was not always a fun sport for have to be quick and have a good stamina..of course I'm a lazy bum who's so lazy to run to g…


A few weeks ago I got a phone call from Popular Bookstore because I had won a contest and will be receiving some gift soon at the nearest I took it last three days ago..and I got these and a letter stating my name on it..I was so excited because I never won a contest basically this was my first time..!

 When I opened it , it had two letters in from Wyann International and the other one was from Popular Bookstore itself..

I got free treatment from Wyann and of course I choose the second one! FREE body mask treatment worth RM280! I can't believe it..and I can't wait to go there soon!!!

and I also received RM20 gift vouchers and of course I can't wait to use it soon!

and a novel..I don't usually read this kind of novel but I'll try to read it when I have free time..has anyone read it??

and I also got two free CDs!

Thank you Popular Bookstore for the gifts! Today I'll be going to Genting Highland with friends and I haven't done any pa…

Friday Night Feast

Yesterday , my sister and I decided to eat steamboat because we both hadn't eat it in such a long time of course we both definitely were craving for this is my sister waiting for the tomyam soup to boil..

and me waiting patiently eventhough we were soooo hungry at that time  

we took a lot of food but manage to capture some of the food because we were both hungry like zombies in Resident Evil LOL

love that cutey stars but didn't taste as good as its cuteness hahah

after we had done eating them all we snapped picture of us having full tummy but only one of us can managed to smile with full tummy 

definitely that person was not me!

Bye !