Monday, April 30, 2012

Had watched this !

I just watched this movie about few hours ago..then straight home..switched on my laptop and quickly updating my blog like a quick cat..hahha...I watched this alone because I was so bored to just stay at home on Monday..I saw a few comments from facebook saying this movie is awesome but the ending was frustrating..well..I have to agree..but the best part was it got so many ..I don't know ghost or killer or whatever..on that moment when they released all the monsters I can hardly breath because I one could survived that..most unexpected moment happened..what I hate the most was that some were enjoying the killing while others you guys should go and check out this movie..I only pay for RM8 on this I'll rate this 3.5/5! LUV

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dedek's wedding!

On 14th & 15th April..I did went to Ejam's sister wedding ceremony..I went there one day earlier to see if I can do anything to the first thing I did was making this small ball..I can't remember the know guys how bad am I in remembering food's name aite?? haha

so next I went to bilik pengantin to help cutting the Daun Pandan..that was me in white having the most difficult time in doing this..I'm bad when dealing with cutting small me..

then at night I did help packing the gifts...I love doing this stuff but I was so tired and my arms ache so badly..

so these are the results..there were about 10000 gifts overall

at the same time they had Kambing bakar for the night feast..I don't eat Kambing Bakar so I don't know how it tasted like..sorry guys..

the tents , tables & chairs are done..

so this was the Bilik Pengantin..simple yet nicely done ..(taken using my phone..sorry for low quality picture)

so this was during the akad nikah..I like her make up ..not so overly done but nicely done with right eyeshadow colours 

so this was after they had done with the akad nikah..and they were officially husband and wife..

and the next day is the Persandingan this was when the Pengantin Lelaki had thing I love about this moment was that the weather was nice..not too hot..

the wedding set / pelamin

this was the wedding was cute isn't it??

both pegantin cutting the cake into small pieces

this was during the Persandingan..there was also a radio DJ and karoke-ing during the was fun watching a big family gathering togather during this great moment! and the pengantin..just ignore my messy look please...


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Diva !

Today..I did went to JJ Bukit Tinggi..I was supposed to go to the gym..but I need to but shoes that I've been aiming for since last week..but then I saw this Diva shop with so many accessories and can check out their facebook too..there are so many types of accessories with cheap and reasonable I did grabbed...

Small owl pendant..I bought it because I don't have any small pendant..the price was at RM29 but I got it only on Rm13 because of the sales..

This one was also 29 but I got with only RM13 too!

I bought this on's so cute so I really need to grab it..

This one was also RM13..

and this one is my favourite!! The previous price was RM23 but I got this at RM9 only!!

so if you really a big fan of accessories like should go to any Diva's store nearest to you or you can check out their facebook again..Diva Malaysia !..LUV!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dinner for DIA Batch !

Last Sunday , I had dinner with my college friends..the dinner was held at Kuala Lumpur International Hotel..I thought this place was hard to find but instead it was easy!..I reached there nearly 8.30..I thought I was late so I rushly got out of the car and headed to the lift..Lucky me , it started at 9 to be exact..

What I love the most about this dinner is the food! The food was great and it got crabs and prawns! Seafood to be exact..I've been wanting to eat crabs since last two month..and i feel like i was in heaven! BUT I didn't eat a lot because I was too busy enjoying with friends instead of sitting at the table and eat as much as I want..

So this is one of my old friend , she was my roomate before..we met when we were in the first sem..and we were also in the same class..I'm so happy she could be here with us..thanks Fira Hassan !

During the dinner , we had played some games especially for those who brings their couples along ...

Thanks everyone who attended the was awesome !


So these are what I got..a mug and half eaten chocolates! Love it !


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