Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How I spend my night

Hi everyone! It's very hot in Malaysia for a past few days and I think I might get sick but just taken Panadol for precaution because I hate being sick. I'll be the grumpiest person in the world , trust me ..So today I'm going to tell you guys how I spend my night after a long tiring day.

I'm a simple person and before I go to bed I want my body to be free from any product except these two. I have bad allergy so I need to apply these two especially if I've eaten seafood which is my favourite ! Bio-oil is very good for skin cause it makes your skin soft and reduce any stretchmarks and scars from your skin. So these two are like my life saver.

After I've done applying those , I'll light my candle which smells good because it's like a therapy to me while I'm reading a novel. So currently I've been reading Fifty Shades Darker by E.L James which is the second book of Fifty Shades of Grey. Still got few pages left before I'll finish it and that means by tonight! And of course , I need music in my life so lately , I've been listening to Duffy from Endless album which I got for free from previous contest .

So that's how I spend my night before I sleep. How about yours?? Please let me know in the comment below cause I would love to know them ! Thank you! BYE ~

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Birthdays In December

Hi guys , I know it's a late entry but I wanna post it I'm writting this I'm reading the second book by E L James which is The Fifty Shades Darker. I don't know why but I always think the first one is the best like X-men movies..the first one is the best if being compared among the rest..and I was so crazy about being Rogue. I almost wanted to dye my hair like hers haha LOL. Anyway , last month or last year to be exact my family and I celebrated my grandma's 64th and two of my cousins birthdays. It was a small gathering with family and friends.

We did barbeque at my aunty's house and the kids are all over the place which was good because they really lighted up the house. Unfortunately , I couldn't join them for long because I had to head home to make preparation for my presentation on the next morning. So grandma , I hope you always keep your warmth and kindness with you cause those are things I like most about you. Semoga panjang umur and dimurah kan rezeki always. Thank you for reading this..BYE ~

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

2013 Resolutions

Hi guys ! It's already on 16th day of 2013 and I don't think it's too late to make this year resolutions right? I've read many bloggers post about their lists and how they plan to achieve it. And of course you guys have your own lists too. This really inspires me a lot to make my own list so I only made three resolutions for this year. Here we go !

  • Must drink a lot of water during the day and less water during the night.

  • Get a job

  • and the last and my favourite one is to go to Pangkor Island

 those are all for this bout yours? Thank you so much for reading this entry..till we meet again..bye ~

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