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Yesterday I met my old friend from MRSM. It was a fun hang out with her. She looked different from the last time we met which was a few years ago. We talked about ourselves a lot. We talked about our other old friends too which were majorly married. Then she talked about her goals. Then it suddenly hit me. I have no goals.
I only want happiness in mind but that's not real goal. I mean, where I want to be in the next five years? I have no plan. She said she wanted to marry a loving husband in two years time but me? I have no plan to get married anytime soon and also in coming few years too. 
She told me she could not wait to finish her final project so that she could focus on her career because she knew what she wanted to become. How bout me? I don't know what I want to become. I don't know if becoming a lecture is what I really ever wanted. I've tried, trust me to find myself but I'm still lost. All I know I'm living in a cruel world where I don't know if I …

Used Products

Hi everyone! First of all I would like to apologize for bad lighting pictures and with zero editing skills , I don't know how to make them look better. I try to get as much as natural lighting I can. But with recent weather of raining and next minutes it's nice and sunny, it's really hard to predict.  So move to the products that I've used, I'm not a products junkie as I'm lazy to apply them all but here are some that I manage to use in daily basis. I have this yellow basket where I keep products that I think worth for previews and comments.
Loreal Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo really works well for my hair. It makes my hair feel so smooth and I always buy the big size as it last more than a month to me.  As what I've said before, my skin is so sensitive that I can't use normal soap for bathing as my skin will turn red and itchy. Eucerin Wash lotion is specially for sensitive skin like mine! It works well and leave my skin without drying out but the down part is…

Fit Malaysia 2014

Hi guys! I know it's a late update but with works & study & moving to a new house, it's hard for me to steal the time to blog. So sorry bout that. On early of September my sister & I went to a fitness program held at Dataran Merdeka. We decided to wake up early but well it's hard to wake up early especially on weekends. Who does that anyway? LOL.
We went there by LRT and stopped at Masjid Jamek. It was 10mins of walking distance from LRT Masjid Jamek to Dataran Merdeka. 

It got so many programs that we could join but since Nina & I love Zumba so much, we decided to go for it.
We were very lucky because the day was great & we got the chance to meet new people with different backgrounds. 

Everyone seemed to have a great time there and to my surprise the place was rubbish free. Everyone were acting very good by throwing the rubbish in the dustbins that were provided by the organizer. 
One of the best reason we joined this program was because everything were fr…

New house Smaller Room

Hey everyone!
Gosh it seems like ages since I posted the last post! Life is like hectic lately for me with work and study. I'm still on my exam week and will be taking my next paper on this coming 21st August while struggling to pay for college. I have decided not to take any loan for college but so far it has been pretty good. 
My family and I will be moving to a new house by the end of this month which I'm so excited about. But the only bit 'thumbs down' is I will be getting smaller room and my sisters will get bigger room. The reason why they get the bigger one is because they share it together and I, well don't like to share haha. So I'm gonna make the best of it!
I want my room to be cozy because I love it when it's raining with hot chocolate and books on my bed. It's a very perfect moment for me and I do enjoy my own company. I want my wall room to be painted with soft color and I'm thinking mint green will be great. And the best part of room de…

Shy and afraid