Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sisters day out

About four days ago , me & my sister Nina went for a hang out to at least amik angin for a family crisis..we both went out with empty stomach so we decided to take our quick lunch but looking for a place to eat without many people sister suggested to eat at Mamak Village..I just quickly agreed..

my sister wanted to eat Nasi Goreng but it wasn't available at that we both ate Nasi Lemak with chickens..had to say it tasted not so delicious but not too bad..just a standard taste of Nasi Lemak..nothing special..

but we both were so hungry so we ate Nasi Lemak without any complaint..haha

Later we went to check out the new store at Lot 10 , H&M.. it was super packed there so we both just headed to our favourite store , Forever 21..we only did window we both only wanted to amik angin right? haha..unfortunately , my camera had died due to no pictures below were taken with my handphone..huhu

My sister tried this heels..look comfortable ..might bought a pair one day..I'll put it on my list hahaha

Then my sister wanted a place for us to just chit chat & talk about what's we went to Starbuck..

We both bought Chocolate Cream Chip because this is our favourite..sisters =)

You know..being born in a broken family is hard..sometimes we have to take the blame for the things we didn't do..have to try our best to make the best of everything..but sometimes things are so hard to face..we at least only can just sit down and forget it a while and stick together no matter what happen..

thanks sister for the day out and for taking everything ~

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Weekends? Of course all of us can't wait for weekend to come right?? So what are you guys always do during weekend? Shopping? Hangout with friends? Just spend a night together with friends in the hotel?? Or just stay at home and enjoy your me-time?? As for me , I always go back to my grandma's house somewhere in whenever my friends ask me for a hang out during weekends , I rarely join them..So what did I really do? Just stay at grandma's house for two days? Well NO..

Ejam usually picks me up at 9 pm or something like that to go to Banting because he lives there too..we don't always go for a late dinner first..just straight to grandma's house because he needs to work in the next morning so that requires him to sleep early plus eating at late hours is never been good right? =D ...So the next morning I usually spend time with my grandma & aunty..chit chat about random things..playing with my little cute twin cousins or if I got homeworks to do..I'll do it at the time range..then when the noon strikes me ..I'll get ready to get the new business stock , of course with Ejam..then we go to the gym in the evening if we are going to catch movie at night..but if not we'll work our ass at night..have a simple dinner..and head back to grandma's..the next morning , we go to the gym again until noon something like that , have a great lunch BUT

last week I've been craving for Starbuck Chocolate Cream me I'm not a Starbuck junky because coffee shops are never my he got me one (thank you =) )..BUT he drank half of it so thank you again =.='

but before that I bought two candles since my little lamp sort of need to throw it out of my window (that's weird because my room has no windows) that's why I need candles , get it?? hahah

I'm a person who is so lazy when I've already laid on my bed..but before bed I need to put my allergic cream (being an allergist is never easy) & other I need to wake up from bed again to switch off the light but with the presence of candle light , life becomes I won't spend much money for a candle..I got it RM5 each from Hinode Shop.. then he straightly send me back to KL before he goes back to Banting..that's basically how my weekend it's time to tell me yours ! Love ~

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Hello guys ! Sorry for not updating blog in such a's been a stressful weeks as I got tests coming before exams..the problem is I'm dying to go out and see the world..alright I  mean I need a vacation..I want to run wildly at the beach and have a great dinner with the sea view behind and might be tanning my skin a bit..but I realise that I've got to finish my exam I've postpone my photoshoot ..hopefully the photographer would understand..have you guys seen the Mad Market hosted by Hanis Zalikha just now?? It really kills me inside as I haven't shop for about 3 month I guess..can you believe it?? Haha..anyway..goodluck guys for those taking the exams..let's do our best !

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Raya & friends

Hi everyone , how are you guys been doing? As for me , it's been unproductive , suck & laziest week ever..definitely not a good start for my September..I've skipped four classes because I was having bad bad flu and all I did was ..took my medicine and did nothing except sleeping all day long..but I'm doing fine right now..yeay..I don't have class on my weekend start on Thursday after I've finished my class like today ..Lord , I do really2 need a fresh start and I can't wait for another week to come..alright let's get to the point , last two weeks me and my friends went beraya together..I thought I can't join them because I got things to do but later after "meroyan why I can't follow them" ..I managed to join I only get the chance to go to Yana's open house..

So this is kind Husna and sarcastic Asrul..definitely a good combination of friends..unfortunately I didn't take pictures at the Yana's house because I was too shy to pop up my camera and asked everyone to pose together..JUST KIDDING..I was too busy eating the delicious meals that were served to us..

Me & my chubby cheek..this was after we had done with Yana's open house..

Ain & Asiah 

Me & Ain ..yeah I know..we were too busy camwhoring behind while Husna & Asrul were like "Mana kita nak pergi ni " And like always , we just kept answering "ntah" and just followed wherever they wanna took us..after couples of minutes of "ntah ..xtau" ..we ended up karoking at Permaisuri i guess..

we had chosen medium size room and one hour of karoke..the best part was when Ain choose Lagu Raya and we were singing and dancing while enjoying the was the best moment for me..thanks Ain for choosing the right song haha

Husna as a backup singer whenever the song was not going right..just love her <3>

Unfortunately one hour was not enough for me & Asiah but oh well..later I went home and get ready to go out with my mama..thanks for reading this you guys .. <3>

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Eid Mubarak 2012

Me and my sister , we're both don't celebrate Eid Mubarak much..I don't wanna mention why..but this year I thought it's gonna be "just another regular month of raya"..but we still did some small preparation togather..sisters =') we went to Banting as we always don't know where else to go kan..but we did help Nenek do some last minute preparation..surprisingly my uncle bought a lot of Bunga Api for our small cousin but well , why not we play together right? haha

this really reminds me of our good time when we're small =')

so I played with TWO bunga api and run like a maniac in front of the house 

So this is our cousin Irsyad 

favourite picture taken by me so far hik hik *padahal biase je hahah

Oh hi little fish..happy hari raya 

The next morning I woke up and helped nenek loaded this into the fridge..

I really don't know why nenek love real flowers so much but oh aunty just put this at the living room

 some more real flowers and kuih raya !

These are everyone , aunties , uncles , cousins & sisters, we were so ready to go beraya !

So the first house we went was my nenek's sister which was only infront of her house

just another pic =P

so this is me and my 3rd sister

my second that animal printed carpet ihiks


This was during second syawal , heading to watch movie with my boyfriend..wearing baju kurung just to feel "beraya" ahaks

 during 3rd Syawal , was waiting for others to get ready..

so we did went to Wak Long house and after that straight back to nenek's house and we packed quickly and went back to I wanna take this opportunity to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir & Batin =)

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