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Saga Hill Hike

Hi guys! So late last month my KL Fit Challenge Coaches decided to make outdoor work out. We were allowed to invite family and friends so I brought Nina along. We gathered around 8 am at the club before heading there together since most of us didn't know the way to Saga Hill. We were so excited since it was our first hike in our twenties LOL.
One thing I didn't like was lack of parking space. One was because we got there a bit late than we should and it was weekend.
There were no toilets provided therefore you need to be prepared. There was a small stall which sold bananas and other fruits as well to boost up your energy before you start hiking. I didn't snapped any picture on the way up as I was worried I would tripped and smashed down the camera.
It was raining slightly after about 15 minutes of hiking hence we needed to be careful with our steps. Luckily it stopped after 5 minutes or so and we could see beautiful little mushrooms started to blossom after the rain.  

The rou…

Pulau Ketam Steamboat

How's your public holiday so far? It is a good day to just wake up and see the sunshine peeping in through the window offering you a great day ahead. And for me finally I can write a blog post! 
What do you like to do when you have free time? I like to spend with my sister and haunting food that is under our budget. 
So about last month we were so craving for seafood steamboat. But most of them are quiet pricey per head. Later we decided to try Pulau Ketam Steamboat which is situated in KL Festival. 

The entrance is very small and a bit hidden but fear not, when you enter it you will find out it is very large inside.

The interior is very simple and with bright orange chairs to spice up the area. 

We decided to dine outside because the weather was so good and windy which was perfect for us to have late lunch together. 

The outside area is facing to a lake which added points why we decided to sit there. 

The waitress was very friendly and helpful in helping us to choose the meal set. Later…