Monday, December 28, 2009

Ghost Adventures

Have any1 following this show? well..i've been following GHOST ADVENTURES 4 couple
of weeks ago..actually i'm kindda big fan for this kindda show..
but last night the show was about Crazy Old Hospital which crazy people had died nearly 10000
people..gosh..the building quiet freaky n they had recorded many paranormal xtivites..
including like shade..or Orbs..and many more
they did a good job when hunting them in the middle of nite and were locked inside..
until early monink..gosh!..but the best thing is...the hunter is howt 2..haha..luv!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sick lil' kItteN

It happened about couple of weeks ago but i was so lazy 2 write in my blog..
so 2day i feel like it so i found dis lil' kitty at the back of my grandma's house..
at first i thought it was dead..but when i came closer it's still breathing..
so i took and showed 2 my mom and she said " i want 2 eat doughnut"...=.="
so i left the poor kitty and got ready 2 we went 2 JJ , ate doughnut and did some
window shupink...and came home..but unfortunately...
the kitty was DEAD!..i was so sad even though i just found it..T-T
so we buried behind my grandma's house..while i was writing this blog i'm listening 2 this song Bad Romance-Lady 1st i thought this song's suck but soon i feel like it..hahahaha
i hope u guys like it 2..luv!

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