Thursday, September 23, 2010

Old heels + Fakers!

I almost forgot that i had a pair of white heels which i used it when i was in matriculation..i just figured it out..and feel so happy bout it..bcuz i like it so much! My sis just fnished her UPSR exms..all she did was rowing around which annoys me much..tommrow gonna be last class for this week..i can't wait 2 go shoopin' again! Hope i'll find a good hair blow dryer or high quality curling iron : )

Recently , i found out so many fakers out there and also copy cats..all they do is copying someone's else picture and make a new account and put it as their default pic..and pretend 2 be's so immoral thing to do..hey! just b urself and stop stealing others identity!!! Fyi , nearly 7 of my friends have this exprience..hope i dun have 2 walk in their shoes cuz that's really upset me stealers! stop doin dat ok! LUV!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So many things 2 catch up

This week is very tiring because a lot of assignment need 2 1st draft thesis need 2 b submitted 2morrow be4 12.30..T-T..and i got FAR class tmrow..hope it isn't that bad..*wishing it so badly...and 2 my suprised i got highest in class for Bel essay..congrates 2 me*wink..i just got home and is waiting for my mom 2 cook..and the best is..i can't wait 2 watch Vampire Diaries 2nite..yeay! hope xde org kco tv ak mlm nie..LUV!

Tedy bear

Saturday, September 18, 2010


I did some changes 2day..dat's y i call it "new". i feel great for now..i did some new plan 4 my next week..& i just did my MGT hmw..but unfornately not all of them..n now i'm feeling deezy 4 my FAR xsgmnt..* 3rd sis is goin' 2 face her UPSR very2 soon..wish u all the best luck..& i need new headphones..but i've 2 wait 4 the next month cuz this month is so-out-of budject..luv!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fav Kueh Raya

i just luv3! dis's made of cornflakes but i dunno how 2 do i did ask my grndma 2 do it 4 me..luv it..!

Long lost of..=p

sorry 4 the similar pics..i just luv the shawl..hahahha

p/s..can't wait 2 shop wit u at Romp store as i promised b4..x0x0!!

Hary Raya Eid

Nothg much happnd...n i clbrted it in Kelantan..i dun care bout ary rye thang..i just wanna meet my grndpa..he's gettg older..i mean it this time..& i cn't blive our house is dffrnt than the previous one..and i'm glad 2 clbrated wit u granpa...i noe ur getting older..but i'm gonna miss u always..^^

Monday, September 6, 2010

2days ago.... Ts ..Sg.Wang & BB..tired!

Hari Raya is juz around da corner

Yup..seems like evrybody in Hari Raya mood..while i still need 2 attnd 4 classes..however..lucky me i'm not in that mood...juz lazy 2 attnd 2 class..while writtin' dis blog i'm in surau wit my fren waitin' 4 next class..i can hear people readin' quran nice :) grndpa juz called askin' bout my raya place..but i was so lazy 2 go there as if i won't come back here..i dunno.. :(

Thursday, September 2, 2010


I think he's far better than the original 1..bsides..he got good lyrics..yeah..keep the good work MARS

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cancel Class...

2day kindda best day 4 wednesdays..bcuz two classes had been 4 me just 1 class only..but i just feel great..eventhough my Far test is not that good...however i'm lucky bcuz i was not in the good health while answerin'..not much interesting happnd 2day..i didn't get da chance 2 meet my fren i headed home , i vsted Axis Atrium wit my mom..and i found boots in cheaper price..i didn't buy it bcuz i thought there won't have my size..i got MGT assigment 2 nite..but i'm so lazy 2 do it..& obsess answerin' Q from's weird bcuz i did got the account b4..but i need 2 make another 1 jus bcuz i think it had been hacked..i peace yo!

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