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My current fav earing !

i was so disappointed because i can't find earing that i've been aiming for nearly a week..but this one really make my day !
close up =)
Bye !

Kak Mira's Wedding Ceremony !

Last Sunday , i mean 3 days ago ..Asiah , Nani , Along , Dhamirah , Nomi , Pija and sorang lagy nama aku tak tau went to Malacca to attend Kak Mira's wedding..honestly this is my first time going to my friend's i was so excited but feeling weird at the same time..we departed at nearly 10 am..the journey took nearly three hours or might be we stopped by to change into baju kurung..

This is Asiah and Nani who's doing the touch up =P
i don't like this picture..might be i don't look good kot hahaha

so here's the brides with red & black theme wedding colour..
the food was great and the people were great and warm =P
so after the 'Kompang thing' we went back and heading to nearest beach because Nani wanted to go there so much..the traffic was took hours for us to reach there ~
Finally we were here at the beach !!.. First i thought Asiah wanted to join Nani swimming but she just walked at the beach side..
i did enjoyed at the beach bu…

My current fav ring !

Look how adorable that little goldfish are !
Love it!

Melacca Trip!!

Sorry for the late update..i did went to Malacca about three weeks was in the end of November..we went there on Friday after class..after nearly four or three (i don't know , i really can't remember) of journey..finally we reached our was about 8 when we reached we checked in and headed to our own room~

the first thing i saw when i entered my room was this picture..i love this picture so brings some kind of those unexplained memories..

sadly it was dark when we reached there so we didn't get the chance to go swimming and chill out near the pools..

next time we go there i'll definitely want to swim in this looking at it really ate me from inside !

so at night , we walked around Malacca that is near to our was fun..the food was great and cheap too i guess ~

i didn't snap so much pictures that night because got problem with the camera and i don't really understand why it had to be that night grrr~

after that we w…

Had watched these ~

The reason why i wanted to watch Puss in Boots is because wanna hear Antonio Banderas voice..hahha..but never thought Humpty Dumpty is a bad person..i only know humpty dumpty song which i sing since i was 5..anyway this movie i'll rate 2.5 out of 5!

I was so excited to watch Twilight..well i've been waiting this movie for about nearly a year..anyway, i'm Jacob's team in case you wanna know ;p
My favourite scene in this movie is during Bella & Edwards's like a fairy tale wedding in the forest and i like this very very much ! not so big yet just a nice wedding ~
Watching Jacob cries really broke my heart when Bella delivered the baby..hahah..i almost cry but i WOn't cry in public!

I really can't wait for Breaking Down part two..wondering how the baby will look alike when she's i'll rate this 3.5 out of 5 !