Sunday, November 8, 2015

Halloween Night

On 31st October 2015 we had our 8th Anniversary of the company and my new workplace. That shall explain why I didn't update much on the blog which is such a shame. I was a newbie for about two weeks but I was invited for the dinner and everyone needed to do performances. The best of all I was honored to do it solo! (great...just great *sigh)

The occasion took place in Shangri-La Hotel at Jalan Sultan Ismail. We gathered there around 8pm. The decorations were simple yet pretty. Besides, it was a small and private party dinner.

Gift sections for lucky draws, awards and for the VIPs.

Dinner table layout. 

Noticed this beautiful and fresh roses on the table. I thought they were fake but they were real flowers!

I was offered wine but I don't drink and left it nicely on the table but that fruit punch drink was so tasty! It was mixed fruits juice with watermelons and else (which I couldn't quiet figure lol).

We were served by eight coursing for our meals. So let's start.

1. Shangri-La Four Hot Dish Combination.
It was so delicious! Seafood & sushi are always a plus to me.

2. Braised Shredded Abalone with Seafood Broth
The soup was like most of Chinese soup which had plain and simple taste. However the seafood broth really makes the difference as it tasted just nice! I can have this whole day for like a year of raining days or for sick days.

3. Miso Glazed Cod Fish.
I have to say this was the best meal of all. It was perfect. The flesh was soft and tender. The sauce was great and top up the excellent combination!

4. Buttered Prawns.
This dish was yummy but I had tasted better buttered prawn so I think this was just an average.

5. Lamb Chop with Garlic Mash Potatoes.
The meat were soft and tender. I don't like veggies but they were softly steamed cook and I just had to taste them and yes, no regret at all. Yums! Too bad I don't eat lamb meat so I just took a bite or two and later asked for the next course. But for all lamb chop lovers this course was really good!

6. Poached Broccoli with Black Mushrooms, Dried Scallop
This was so me in one dish. They put all my favorites in one dish! I love love mushrooms because they taste like chicken meet to me. And broccoli? Perfecto mi amor!

7. Fried Rice with Assorted Vegetables and Shredded Barbecue Chicken.
The name is a hell long but it looked just normal fried rice to me. It was nicely cooked and you can tasted the veggies were very fresh. But I had tasted better so this one is slightly above average.

There was no pictures of the next coursing because of full memory T-T.

8. Deep-fried Sesame Dumpling.
This one was just okay but it was too oily for me. 

And for the cordial punch I just had tea and a piece of cake. 

I love how lighting can change the mood. Made it more romantic.

I did sang a song for my solo performance. It was bad and I was damn nervous on that stage. Not because I was a stage freak but because I wasn't good at singing T.T. Anyway, I had so much fun and really enjoyed the night though it ended almost 3am. 

Parking rate was RM12 before midnight. Since we finished at 3am we got a stamp which prove we only had to pay for the flat rate. Or else it probably could reached up to RM30++.

A night wasn't complete without a selfie. So here is our group selfie to call it a night!

Thanks for reading!

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