Sunday, April 24, 2011

Red Riding Hood~

Last nite , i'd watched Red Riding Hood..mse nk p tgk 2 kemain excited cuz ak ske gler cter2 cmnie or kaitan ngan wolf2 nie..ak bjet nnek dia la jd wolf nie mcm dlm buku tuh mmg la bkn kn..hahah..klo x , x best r..anyway ak ske gler plakon2 dlm cter nie..ensem! heheh...of koz la org ensem 2 are Peter & Henry!

Mse dlm cter nie , Velerie kne tunang ngan Henry nie without her will..ak ingat kn x esem la da dia bkn wtak utama..skali kuar..amik ko! here's the pix below!

yg nie xyah ckp la about kehenseman tuh..da dia hero kn kne la skali pndang mamat nie cm Edward Cullen dlm cter Twilight wonder la sbb director yg same kn..nie la watak Peter nme sbnar dia SHILOH -.-' asl nme sme ngan ank Angelina Jolie? ank prmpuan lak 2..haish

nie scene time diorg nk slmatkn Velerie tuh..comelnyer! hahhaha

papehal pun ak ske ending dia..sweet gler! so i'll rate this movie 7 out of 10..!


Fiya Ahmad said...

wohooo.. encem!!! (*-*)

b@by ph@t said...

PETER agy ensem? =P

Anonymous said...

you too , so nice blog . full of dot dot :)

have a nice day !

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