Black Wednesday

2day is quiet stressfull day for me bacause i need 2 come early b4 next class started just for consultation and i was late and didn't prepare anything..but lucky that wasn't that bad..then felt stressful 4 next class , Accounting class because i didn't understand anything..but it turned out 2 b fun n enjoyin' the lessons..then Maf (costing) class turned out 2 b a "disaster" when we weren't fully prepared for the presentation..& situation turned out 2 b worse and all i was thinkin' was wanted 2 go home and needed some rest..then my mom told me i got a letter that would change my life..& 2day lots of bad things happend 2 me..*sign~


haciyl aisyah said…
whats letter is dat??hupfuly there's no secret k..

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