Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Wani's Engagement

On August 2nd, I was invited for my best friend's wedding. I thought I couldn't make it because I  already had made a new plan but later I thought it only happened once of everyone's life time mostly. Since I didn't know her house location I followed Mila who's also my best friend aka Wani's make up artist for the engagement. I was so excited and to be honest this was my first time attending an engagement ceremony in my life. 

Mila's 'tools' in making the make over. What I did was giving comments and ate the cakes given by Wani's mother and sipping the syrup drink.

Her dress was so beautiful with details of beads. The soft brown color really compliment her skins.

Mila was giving her last touch. Here's a little bit about her make up. I like how she applied foundation color that blended well with the skin tone. It made the make up look so natural and pretty. She likes to focus on the eyes and completed it with soft lips color. Make up should enhance your face and skin instead of making you look completely a different person with thick & 'cake' make up which is not much of my liking.

This soft pink flowers went perfectly with the dress and there were customized by her aunt! So creative.

The bridal bed or pelamin was simple with white background and a little soft color such as purple, pink, peach and such to make it more dreamy. 

These are hantaran from the Wani's side. Using the same theme color as her dress. 7 trays altogether included cupcakes, Ferraro Roche, fruits, sejadah and many more.

These are from her fiance's side. Using red as his theme. 5 trays altogether and I like the flowers with daun sireh.

This was the moment when she was officially engaged to her fiance. I could tell that she was so nervous and it was so overwhelming. She had just completed her first stage of getting into her marriage chapter.

You have to show off the rings somehow.

Picture of future husband and wife.

Wani and Mila.

Wani and me. One thing I hate taking pic with petite person is I will look like a giant. Thanks genes!

Wani and Kak Jascelina. Glad that she could make it to the ceremony!

For those who are interested of getting Mila's service in make up. You can contact her in Facebook through this Mila Buyung . She is friendly and very skillful with make up and the best part is the price is so reasonable! Make sure to check out her works in her album.


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