Monday, November 26, 2012

Short gateway Part 1

Hi everyone! How's your weekend? Mine , had spent great time at the gym and did helped my grandmother to reorganize the was fun and I love it when I sweat a lot..trying to exercise and having good lifestyle lately. Last weekend I went for a short gateway to Malacca for two days & one night only. I've lots lots of pictures about my vacation trip so I have to post it in different here's the part 1..I don't know why I was so lazy to make my hair done might be I was in sorrow about what happened in Gaza so I just side braided my hair.

The journey took about 3 to 4 hours and I was so boring so I did nothing but camwhoring hahah..I didn't wear much make up..I just wanted to enjoy being lazy and watched the pouring rain season.

I worn my stack bracelets because I was just feeling like doing so hahah

After a few hours we finally reached Malacca and I was so excited after camwhoring with tons of pictures in the car. Malacca is always be one of my favourite place to much to much to see and at some point , raining season made it even better.

But unfortunately it was super packed with traffic jam and we spent nearly half an hour on the road at the entrance of Malacca =(

But we finally made it..and of course Equatorial Hotel would be the's the most strategical place to erm you know..sleep (you can tell I've no idea to write haha ) because it's very near to A-famosa , malls and many other interesting only just have to walk.

Main entrance of the hotel

Checked in done and straight to the room..and can you guess what happened next?? I took a lots of pictures of everything..well mostly pictures of me to be exact hahaha..whoa my left eye looks scary there o.0"

Another picture of me

And another picture of me *yawn

Finally , it's the picture of the room..I don't know if this is some sort of tips or what but if you want soft and comfy pillows , use the pillows in the closet and throw the pillows on bed away and you'll fall in deep sleep without hesitation haha

In the toilet

Some refreshment corner !

and it got small refrigerator below it..

For more info of the hotel please visit HERE

Till then that's all for my part one..I'll be updated my next post soon..thank you so much for reading this..LUV ! 


Always Unlucky said...

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Magdalena said...

Lovely photos!

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b@by ph@t said...

Thank you ~

pakitong said...

Wow! cantik nya boleh ke nak no. awak?

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